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How Finnair's new long haul cabin puts you first

Renewing Finnair’s long haul cabin has been a huge undertaking. A project that started four years ago, it has required great collaboration between teams and individuals throughout the business. The result is a new look throughout, with a cutting edge Business Class cabin featuring our unique Air Lounge seat, an all new Premium Economy service offering and a beautifully updated Economy Class.

The aim of this renewal is to offer as much choice as possible, allowing Finnair to be at the forefront of the return to travel, as well as meet our ambitious sustainability goals.

“At Finnair, we want to have a more customer relevant proposition whenever you travel,” explains Ole Orver, Finnair’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We want to make sure we provide you with more choice, allowing you as a customer to design the experience you want to have for your journey.”

Led by technology

“Technology is a fundamental enabler for us in getting our customer proposition across,” explains Orver.

“What we're trying to do in terms of choices is make sure we have the best mobile app in the industry that allows you to to interact with Finnair and design your experience in advance of travel at anytime, whenever you want.”

In addition, will also allow you to make changes to your booking easily.

“Whether you decide to fly in Premium Economy, in Business Class or whether you decide to fly in Economy Class, you will be able to make those decisions.”

Long term sustainability goals

“We also want to make sure that we invite you to make the right decision from an environmentally sustainable point of view,” says Orver.

In the longer term, you’ll be able to pre-order meals, whichever cabin you choose to fly in. This will be a key driver in making Finnair flights more sustainable, cutting carbon emissions in the process. Doing so, he explains, will eventually ensure the aircraft is only loaded with food that’s needed, cutting down on weight, meaning less fuel will be needed as a result.

“You can help by making your choice before you board,” he says. “This will improve your user experience and will allow us together to have a lesser carbon footprint.

“We don't want to tell you what to do. We want to invite you to actively participate and make conscious decisions.” Pre-flight meal choices won’t be available for all right away, but the intention fits in neatly with Finnair’s net zero and sustainability goals.

Design process

Whatever cabin you choose, you can be sure that Finnair’s team of designers and engineers have worked hard to keep the weight of the aircraft down, making it as sustainable as possible in the process.

“We keep weight in mind as we design the cabin,” says Orver. “The weight of seats, the configurations of the cabin have all been kept in mind throughout the design process of each of the three cabins that will feature on our updated fleet of Airbus A330 and A350 aircraft.”

It’s all part of creating an experience that puts you first, while ensuring you are part of our shift towards even greater sustainability.

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