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Want to try a short remote work break abroad? Here is how to make the most of it

Are you thinking of dipping your toes into the life of a digital nomad? Or maybe you just want to charge on some vitamin D, but don't have the time for a holiday? A short remote work period of a week or few can get your work motivation and inspiration up. Here are our best tips to make it a great experience.


1. Plan what you are going to work on and when

Planning your work schedule ahead of time will make your life a lot easier when working remotely. Ideally the time spent abroad should give you more than an opportunity to work in peace, so try to make your schedule flexible enough to fit other activities in as well.

Make sure you do not travel when work is at its busiest or when you are in the middle of a stressful project.

It can be a good idea to try to fit your meetings within a couple of hours a day. That will give you the option to not be stuck in a quiet room all day, instead you can work in a café or park for a part of the day, enjoying the change of scenery. It is also a good idea to have a day or two where your working hours can be shorter than usual, so that you have the chance to do some daytime exploring in your chosen remote work destination.

2. Have a local experience

Just because you are working does not mean you can't enjoy the local lifestyle fully. Follow the lead of other working people in your destination and join in. Maybe they start their days with a refreshing dip to the ocean, a jog in a park or a session of tai chi? Do they gather for an afterwork drink at the local pub? Maybe they have a little siesta after lunch?

The easiest way to get into the right mindset is by eating. From a quick morning espresso in Italy to slurpy ramen lunch in Japan, adapt your eating style and times to fit those of the locals. It will give your brain the required fuel and also a nice change from your usual office lunch.

3. Choose your accommodation carefully

When working remotely accommodation means a lot more than it does on a holiday. Even if you plan to work in co-working spaces or cafés there is a good chance you get stuck in your room some of the time. Make sure it is cozy and comfortable enough. If you are travelling with someone, also think about having enough working space for the both of you.

Remote work accommodation should preferably have more of a lounge area than a regular hotel room has, so you are not sitting on your bed or one of those famously uncomfortable hotel chairs. Weather permitting a balcony can be a great spot for working. Being able to make or get coffee and tea easily is also a huge plus.

4. Streamline your workload

If in any way possible, try to get some of your routine tasks done before you go. if your calendar gets packed with weekly, recurring, and time-consuming things, try to manage them beforehand, use your time on the plane to get them done or just leave them until you get back.

The remote work time is best spent on meaningful things, work wise as well as when you log off. You will thank yourself if the valuable time abroad is not spent on something completely mundane. Now, would you rather spend an hour sending invoices or eating tapas? 

5. Make work a bit more fun than back home

Doing a short remote work break should be a fun experience so now is the time to be bit more indulgent than you might be used to. Get some cake to go with your work coffee, take a daytime stroll (or a nap) between projects, have a sneaky glass of lunch wine, and book a massage at the end of the day.

Try to book your flights so that you have some weekend time off as well to do some more touristy things, see sights or day trips. You should make memories - not just deadlines.

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