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5 ways to make travelling with family so much better

Travelling with kids is fun – but with some planning and added extras you can make it a lot easier. Check out our five ways that keep the entire family happy.

1. Pre-order your meals

By pre-ordering meals for the entire family, you make sure everyone gets exactly what they want. Especially with kids, it is a definite bonus not having to worry about the hassle of choosing what to eat in the moment – when someone might already be bordering on hangry. Also, if you have a vegetarian or someone with other dietary needs in your family, you know they will be satisfied too. 

Pre-ordering is also more eco-friendly as fewer options need to be packed on board. This is also a great chance to show your kids how you can all contribute to less food waste by choosing meals in advance. 

2. Use our WIFI

Let's face it, keeping the entire family off the internet for several hours can be a struggle. That is why you might want to consider getting internet access, either ahead of your flight or once you board. The children will be happy to be able to keep TikToking, and the parents might also want to catch up on that one last email before the holiday starts. 

You can purchase internet access when making the booking, via the Manage booking during online check-in, or via the Nordic Sky portal on board. The internet must be accessed on the device that you make the purchase on. On long-haul flights, you can buy internet access for the entire flight, three hours, or an hour. On Airbus flights in Europe, there are two different internet packages you can choose from. 

3. Make that upgrade

Sometimes the best way to make sure you are all comfortable is by upgrading your travel class. Especially on longer flights, prioritising great sleep, for example, can be the key ingredient in starting a relaxing holiday.

With Finnair's new Premium Economy class and the renewal of the long-haul Business Class, you have even more to choose from. Both offer lots of comfort, from bigger seats to better entertainment, and make for a peaceful travel experience. Upgrades can be requested in different ways, so read all our instructions here

4. Head to our lounge

Starting your holiday in our Finnair Lounge, or one of our partner lounges means escaping the hustle and bustle of the airport and making sure you can relax with your family. You can chat over a cup of coffee, enjoy a delicious meal, or just unwind before boarding. We offer free internet access, places to do work, and a play area for smaller kids. 

Lounge access is available with certain Finnair Plus member levels, or you can purchase access for you and your family. See all terms and conditions for access here. At Helsinki Airport, you can find our lounge near Gate 22 in the Schengen area, and near Gate 52 in the non-Schengen area.

5. Order some favourites to your seat

You can pre-order our products directly for your next flight. With children, this is especially wise – a lovely surprise at the beginning of the flight can really make their experience special.

You could, for example, choose something that they can play with, such as the cute Moomin plush toys, or a snack such as the yummy Moomin Biscuits. The teenager in the family will appreciate a brand-new set of headphones ready for those inflight Spotify sessions. Maybe you want to get yourself a little present too? 

You can browse the entire pre-order selection and place your order through Finnair Shop and our Finnair app. The products will be packed and delivered to your flight at no extra cost.

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