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Tips for making a connecting flight at Helsinki Airport

Worried about missing your connecting flight? Helsinki Airport has some of the shortest transfer times in Europe! Here are four tips for a hassle-free flight connection at Finnair’s hub.

Did you know that changing planes takes at most 35 minutes at Helsinki Airport? All arrivals and departures are located in the same building and the transfer times are among the shortest in Europe. No wonder passengers choose Helsinki Airport as one of the best airports in the world!

Timo Rissanen and Jonna Vermilä-Alajääski from Finnair’s Ground Experience team share four tips for making your transfer at Helsinki Airport smooth and hassle-free.

1. Monitor the status of your connecting flight

Travel plans can sometimes change so it’s important to actively follow the status of your connecting flight.

“You can get information about your flight from various sources – even onboard the plane. Your flight status is visible either on the overhead screens or seat-back screens inside the plane or via announcements made by the cabin crew. After landing, you can find the gate number and flight time displayed on airport monitors. We of course recommend that you download the Finnair app – that way you will always know everything about your flight!” notes Vermilä-Alajääski.

2. Ask for help

You usually need to do three things while transferring through Helsinki Airport: go through security control, pass border control, and find the gate of your connecting flight. Following the signs (which by the way are in six different languages!) will get you far, but please ask for help if needed.

“Our friendly cabin crew is always ready to help if you have questions while onboard. And there are multiple places you can ask for help at Helsinki Airport. For flights arriving from Japan, Korea, and China, Finnair provides ground crew staff who speak the local language to welcome and assist passengers. You can also find transfer service desks near gates 31 and 52,” says Rissanen.

3. Pack light and have your travel documents handy

Travel documents will be inspected as part of the security check and passport control, so keep them easily available to speed up the process.

Both Rissanen and Vermilä-Alajääski advise, “To connect as smoothly as possible, we recommend travelling light. If you have checked your baggage through to your final destination, then your baggage will transfer automatically to your connecting flight. Remember to keep all your travel documents and valuables in your carry-on!”

4. Use the automated passport machines and fast-track security

In addition to the traditional manned border control desks, Helsinki Airport has automated passport machines – so you don’t need to wait in line!

“Finnair constantly works with Helsinki Airport to ensure that the transfer process is as quick and as smooth as possible. If you are travelling to or from Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, Russia, or Great Britain, you will need to go through passport control. Citizens holding biometric passports can use the convenient automatic border control machines. If your flight connection is tight, please note that there is a separate fast-track line in security control,” says Rissanen.

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