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Changes in services at Helsinki airport

As of 1 April, there will be changes in services in the airport departure hall as well as traffic and parking arrangements. Please note that we have made changes to our airport and lounge services also due to the coronavirus situation.

Helsinki Airport renews to offer you an even smoother travel experience in the future. As of 1 April, we renew our services in the airport departure hall. Due to the ongoing construction work, there are also changes in the airport’s traffic and parking arrangements. Please note that we have made changes to our airport and lounge services also due to the coronavirus situation, you can read more about these from above.

Changes in the departure hall services

As of 1 April 2020, we will renew our services in the departure hall at Helsinki Airport. To ensure smooth service, we have simplified and combined services of our different service desks in the departure hall.

You get the smoothest start for your journey by making any reservation changes or purchasing tickets or travel extras, like upgrades or extra baggage, in advance through or our customer service. We no longer have a separate desk for these services at the airport, but our crew at other desks are at your service with these matters, if you wish. Please make any changes latest 60 minutes before your flight departure, so that we can ensure you will make to your flight with no hassle.

Special Assistance Desks in the departure hall help customers with special needs and if you need to make last minute changes to your reservation. As a Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo, Platinum, Gold and Silver member or our Business Class customer you can visit our Priority Desks.

Our guides at Helsinki Airport help you with any travel related questions. The fastest way for check-in is to do it through our website or Finnair app already before arriving the airport or by using the self-service check-in kiosks at the airport. You can leave your bags through self-service bag drops in the departure hall. Please print the bag tag at a check-in kiosk before leaving the baggage in the self-service bag drop. Self-service bag drops 207-211 are open all day.

If your flight was cancelled and you have been rerouted to your destination, you may be able to choose an alternative flight yourself through Manage booking. If you want to do the change with our agent at the airport, our agents at the Special Assistance, Priority or Transfer Desks will help you.

As of 1 April, we accept only debit or credit card payments at Helsinki Airport for the time being. For your and our ground crew’s wellbeing during the coronavirus situation, we reduce direct contact between our customers and crew and can’t accept cash payments.

Changes in traffic and parking arrangements during the airport renewal work

  • If you arrive at the airport by taxi or someone drops you off at the terminal, the right place for this at Terminal 2 is on the arrivals level. Please note that cars can stop only briefly in front of the terminal to avoid congestion. If you wish to accompany someone into the terminal or pick someone up, please use the short-term parking area in P3.
  • The taxi station serves customers on the ground floor of the terminal. To get to the new taxi station, customers can take the escalators or an elevator in the Arrivals hall 2A near Burger King restaurant.
  • The bus station is currently in front of the Scandic hotel.
  • Parking halls P1 and P2 are closed. You can use parking halls P3 and P5. Short-term and premium parking will be in P3.

The renewal of Helsinki Airport will be completed in 2022. Find out more at Finavia’s website.

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