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Flying with kids: 5 ways to tackle feeling hangry

Travelling with a full stomach is much more fun than the anger caused by hunger. It’s a good idea to keep your kids’ energy levels stable during the journey. Eating is also a good way to pass the time and create fun travel memories that last. Elina Wahlman from Finnair’s Customer Experience and Products team tells how she keeps her children’s tummies full when travelling.

Preselect kids’ favourites

“I always play it safe with food when travelling with my children. In practice, this means that I take the opportunity to book their meal in advance for flights where the meal is included in the ticket price. This way I can make sure that the food option hits the kids’ taste buds,” tells Elina Wahlman.

“In Finnair’s menu, we always have a meal specially created for children. It’s typically food that’s easy to approach, tasty but not too spicy. You’ll often find dishes like meatballs and mashed potatoes or Pasta Bolognese on our kids’ menu.”

The meals are complimentary on all Finnair intercontinental flights and in Business Class on flights within Europe as well. You can book the kids’ meal in advance through Manage booking on our website.

“On flights without complimentary meals, I warmly recommend our pre-order selection with a special kids’ choice to make sure that children can enjoy a tasty meal onboard. This option is especially tempting for longer holiday flights to Canary Islands or Mediterranean holiday destinations. On shorter European flights and flights to/from Northern Finland, you can pre-order lighter meals including, for example, pizza and a breakfast combo, that the kids will surely love as well,” tells Elina Wahlman.

Snacks save nerves

“Tummies can start rumbling at any stage of the journey. This is why I always pack some snacks in my carry-on baggage when I travel with my children. Granola bars, crackers, cookies or raisins are handy because they don’t take a lot of space or need cold storage and can be carried through the security,” hints Elina Wahlman.

“On flights where warm meals are served, our cabin crew starts the service 30-45 minutes after the take-off. Children are usually among the first customers to be catered to. But when you’re starving, half an hour can feel like an eternity, and this is when snacks save nerves.”

On intercontinental flights with two meal services, there can be several hours between the meals, so a little snack may be needed during a long flight.

“If you didn’t bring snacks with you onboard or you need more, you can always buy some from our onboard menu.”

A tasty start in the lounge

Would you like to start your family holiday with style? Finnair Lounges at Helsinki Airport offer some peace and quiet before the flight – and a generous breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet where children can fill their plates themselves. There is always a warm meal, snacks, desserts and a selection of beverages available.

Finnair has lounges both in the Schengen and non-Schengen side of Helsinki Airport. If you don’t have a lounge access included in the ticket or based on your Finnair Plus tier, you can purchase it as a travel extra in advance from Manage booking or during online check-in.

Remember to drink

The low humidity inside the aircraft can dehydrate you. It’s important to drink lots of water before, during and after the flight. This also applies to children; remind your kids to drink water throughout the flight.

Although you can’t bring bigger amounts of liquids through security, you might want to bring an empty water bottle with you. At Helsinki Airport, there are several water faucets where you can refill your bottle for free.

Also, Finnair serves complimentary water and juice on most flights.

With a baby onboard

When you travel with a baby, we recommend you bring your own baby food. We usually have a few jars of baby food on all our intercontinental flights, but availability is limited. You can bring milk and baby food into the cabin in its original, unopened packaging. It is good to know that due to the limited storage space onboard, there is no cold-storage available. On intercontinental flights, Finnair’s cabin crew is happy to warm up the baby food for you.

Read more about travelling with kids on our website.

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