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Not so obvious Finnish beaches

Being a country in the North, you might not think that you could have a beach holiday in Finland. Believe it or not, there are actually numerous picturesque beaches in Finland from the rugged natural beaches of the archipelago to stunning long sandy beaches lining the coastline.

After the long dark winter, Finns make the most of the sunny days. The beaches in Finland are clean and maintained well. Finnish beaches are perfect for a relaxing summer holiday by the water. So, pack your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen lotion and head to the unique beach destinations listed below.

Suomenlinna beach – Smashing seascapes on a historic island

By far, Suomenlinna beach is the most historic beach in Finland. This charming beach is located in the cove on the western part of Suomenlinna. The beach itself is small but there are plenty of places for sunbathing and picnicking on the surrounding cliffs. Lounging on the cliffs, you can enjoy the stunning seascapes, especially during sunset.

For a lovely day by the beach, start your day by visiting the King’s Gate, the original entrance of the Suomenlinna fortress, and the antique cannons. Have breakfast at Café Piper, one of the oldest cafes serving on this historical island for over 90 years, and spend the rest of your day relaxing on the sandy beach or cliffs with your friends and family.

Diksand beach – Beautiful nature reserve

This exotic beach pearl of Espoo can be found in the idyllic Pentala Island of Suvisaari. This natural sandy beach is lined with rocks and located in a nature reserve which makes it a one-of-a-kind beach destination. The gentle sea breeze and mesmerising seascape lull you into a tranquil holiday mode.

You can get to the Island by boat for a few euros. The unique and cosy Island is also home to Pentala Archipelago Museum. The museum area consists of 15 different historic buildings that let the visitor into the story of archipelago life.

Hanko – the Finnish Riviera

Maritime Hanko, a historic seaside holiday destination of Finns, located at the tip of the Hankoniemi is a sun worshipper’s paradise. Hanko has 130 kilometres of shoreline, 30 of which consists of beaches with fine sand, and the rest of beautiful rocky coves.

A shallow and lively Plagen beach is a perfect destination for families. You can find a unique water carousel in a depth of half a meter. The facilities cover everything from beach huts to a minigolf course and a standup paddleboard station.

Just a stone’s throw to the east of Plagen, you can find a more private beachfront called Bellevue. The water is shallow and warm throughout the day. Bellevue beach has three beach huts and a portable toilet. Choose Tulliniemi beach if you are a water sports enthusiast. This beach is windy with soft sand and imposing dunes, and a perfect destination for wind and kite surfing.

The beach wonderland of Hanko is only 1.5 hours away from Helsinki if you are travelling by car. You can also get to Hanko by train in two hours and by bus in around 2.5 hours. A perfect day trip destination!

Nallikari Beach – Norden beach paradise

Nallikari Beach in Oulu, also known as the Nordic Riviera, is a one-kilometre-long sandy paradise. The beach is shallow and deepens gently which makes it suitable for the whole family.

Differing from the other Finnish beaches, this destination is not quiet but lively offering all sorts of sports activities. The beach serves as a living room for athletes, cyclists, beach volleyball and football players as well as roller skaters.

In addition to the silky soft sand, children can play on the climbing frame or on the playground next to the beach. The facilities include cute blue changing rooms, toilets, restaurants, and a couple of ice cream kiosks. Don’t forget to visit the gorgeous lighthouse on the beach, where you can see the best sunsets in town.

Hietajärvi – Turquoise water in the mountain lake

In the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, near Kittilä, you can find a fresh mountain lake, Hietajärvi. This wonderful turquoise clear-water lake with pampering white sand in the armpits of magnificent fells has magical views, which you won’t forget easily.

To get to the shore of Lake Hietajärvi, you have to walk three kilometres from the Ketomella parking lot, but the walk through the lovely pine forest is worth it. Besides sunbathing and swimming, you can grill your packed lunch in the homely hut next to the beach.

Ivalo beach – White sand and reindeers in the same package

Ivalo beach, located right next to the town centre of Ivalo, has been called the most spectacular sandy beach in the north. This northern treasure has been formed by a bend in the river. White sand with reindeers enjoying the beach life really creates the magic of Lapland.

Bealdojávri beach – Magical mirage in the middle of wilderness

The hundreds of meters long sandy beach of Bealdojávri (in the Sami language meaning Field Lake in English) is like a fantasy in the middle of the most beautiful landscape in Finland. Bealdojávri is widespread in the magnificent peaceful wilderness of Muotka in Inari.

To reach this hidden gem, the visitor must make effort and pass through the dense birch forest on the shore. As there are no marked hiking trails in the area, each hiker is allowed to plan their wanderings in the wilderness according to their own preferences.

You might want to visit Bealdojávri also in autumn as the glowing autumn colours and the sparkling of the northern lights is a sight that you won’t forget.

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