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How to get comfy in the Helsinki Airport non-Schengen lounges

The Finnair Business Lounge and Platinum Wing in the non-Schengen area at Helsinki Airport got a major upgrade a few years back. The spaces were designed to invite you to unwind and get comfortable before and in between your travels.

The design process for the renewal of the Helsinki Airport non-Schengen lounges was thorough and coincided with the design of our new long-haul cabins. We wanted to find a look and feel that would be recognisably and uniquely Finnair.

“We were creating a whole new design language, something distinctly Nordic with natural elements. We have also been playing with light, and giving our spaces a residential feel,” says David Kondo, Head of Customer Experience & Design.

The work was done in collaboration with design partners and Finnair's internal design team and a lot of feedback was gathered both internally and from customers. 

“We found out what element resonated, and for example, a dark blue colour was something we gravitated towards. We also wanted to hero Finnish and Nordic design with both contemporary pieces and real classics,” Kondo points out.

Both lounge spaces aim to cater for a wide variety of customer needs – always with maximum comfort in mind. To demonstrate this here are five ways you can get comfy in our lounges.

1. Enjoy a perfect level of relaxation and privacy

The lounges and their seating arrangements have been designed to fit customers that are popping in quickly as well as those who might stay and relax for several hours.

As you move further back in the space the more chilled out and private it gets. This means that you can stay at the front of the space for a quick coffee, a meeting, or a meal – or go deeper into the space where it is quieter and read a book or work in private. 

2. Feel the materials and see the design

The spaces make use of natural, tactile materials such as stone and wood. This creates an inviting and home-like atmosphere. One of the other aspects that has been focused on is beautiful and calming lighting. This has been achieved using some great design classics, such as the Artek A110 lamp, also known as the hand grenade.

In both spaces, the mix of classic and contemporary makes for an interesting and aesthetically pleasing experience.

3. Get your remote work done

The lounges are optimally suited for work as well. There are seats with USB and AC power, free internet access, and printing facilities. To make phone calls or Zoom meetings easier, you can use the private phone booths. If you are staying for a bit longer and need to keep your laptop safe, you can use the lockers available.

4. Have your favourite coffee, meal or drink 

An important part of the lounge experience is of course food and drink. Both Business Lounge and Platinum Wing have fully stocked bars – the latter offering some special options in addition to the high-quality standard selection. Platinum Wing also serves coffees barista style, so you can count on a perfect latte.

Both lounge spaces make use of seasonal Nordic ingredients in their food offering. In Business Lounge the food is served as a buffet, while in Platinum Wing you can enjoy a full restaurant dining experience with table service.

5. Refresh and rejuvenate

Platinum Wing has a Finnish sauna, and it is proving to be very popular among locals and visitor alike. There is no better way to interrupt a hectic day of travel than a quiet moment in the heat. Of course, there are also private shower suites and organic skincare available. In Business Lounge there are also shower facilities, so you can make sure you are re-energized before your next flight or meeting.

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