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How our Nordic heritage inspired Finnair's all-new long-haul cabin

Inside Finnair’s updated Airbus A330 and Airbus A350 fleet, Nordic heritage stands out. And not just because of Finnair’s long history, with our centenary approaching in 2023. This is a space that has been crafted in collaboration with the very best Finnish brands. One that is designed to offer an elevated long haul experience with comfort at its heart and a coziness that is quintessentially Nordic.

The importance of design

“Our Nordic roots are our heritage,” says Eerika Enne, Head of Inflight Customer Experience, Finnair. “It's visible in the design and the look and feel across our new fleet.”

When it came to creating the new Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class cabins, highlighting this Nordic heritage was crucial. It was about showcasing the very best Finland has to offer and taking it around the world.

“For us, it was important to show that part of us and that part of our heritage,” explains Kristos Mavrostomos, Development Manager, Customer Experience and Design, Finnair. “Design has always been an integral part of Finnair. One of our most beloved items, Ultima Thule champagne glass, was designed for Finnair already in 1969 by Tapio Wirkkala.”

Marimekko and Iittala: Finnish brands take to the skies

That tradition continues today, thanks to the incredible work of key partners Marimekko and Iittala

Marimekko is one of Finland’s biggest success stories. An iconic textiles brand, founded in 1951, it was at the forefront of 1960s design and has since become a global success story, its fabrics and garments sold all over the world. Finnair has been working with Marimekko since 2012, with its prints found on cabin textiles and amenity kits just to name a few. Now, prints by Marimekko’s iconic designer Maija Isola can be found in the new Business Class and Premium Economy cabins.

“With Marimekko we’re focusing even more on cabin textiles and introducing new designs with iconic Marimekko prints into the aircraft,” says Mavrostomos.

Iittala’s designs also feature prominently in the new cabin. Its brand new Kuulas range of tableware, created by award-winning Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, are a continuation of its long heritage as one of Finland’s best loved brands. Iittala has been making glass and tableware since 1881 and its new products for our Business Class cabin are stunning.

The rounded plates and unique, blue glasses are a step away from the standard, rectangular finishes found on aircraft tray tables. The result is something that feels infinitely more homely, tapping once more into that sense of Nordic comfort.

“It’s distinctly different compared with what we had before,” says Eerika Enne. “It's more home-like and it's more cozy.”

A piece of Nordic furniture in the air

Then, of course, there’s the AirLounge seat. Found in Business Class, this spectacular new addition to our fleet is unlike any other seat in any other business class cabin. It is inherently Nordic.

“Think of our new seat more like furniture rather than an aircraft seat,” says David Kondo, Senior Manager, Customer Experience and Design Strategy at Finnair.

Seeing as functional and comfortable furniture is such a core part of Nordic design, teaming up with Collins Aerospace to bring this incredible seat into the sky was all about showcasing our local heritage. With no recline option, instead it offers you numerous options to enjoy your flight, whether sitting up to work, lying down to sleep or lounging while enjoying the latest TV and movies on our updated in-flight entertainment system.

As with the entire redesign, the aim was to use our Nordic heritage to best effect, all with the positive result of being able to take it around the world to destinations across Asia and the USA.

Finnair’s new long haul cabin is rolling out across our entire A330 and A350 fleet throughout 2022 and 2023.

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