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Conveniently to the city and beyond from Tokyo Haneda Airport

From 30 October 2022 onwards, Finnair flies daily to Tokyo Haneda Airport. Haneda is very close to city centre and it has great transport links to the surrounding area. Here is some useful information to help you get around, wherever you’re connecting to.

Going to downtown Tokyo? 

Tokyo Haneda Airport is conveniently located nearby Tokyo’s centre, and you’ll reach the city quickly from the airport. The airport has its own journey finder where you can look for the best route options by train, monorail or bus to any destination in Tokyo. 

Haneda Airport has good railway links to central Tokyo, as the airport connects directly to Keikyu train line and Tokyo Monorail. The train to Tokyo station takes only about 30 minutes from the airport, Shibuya can be reached in about 45 minutes. You’ll find ticket gates in all three terminals. Tickets are also very inexpensive, a couple of euros depending on your destination. 

You can also get a bus to the city. Check the routes and timetables at the passenger terminal and buy tickets from a ticketing counter or a machine before you board. 

Getting a taxi is another easy option to get to and from Haneda. There are taxi stands by each of the terminals. To make your journey as easy as possible, there are flat rates available from the airport to certain fixed points in central Tokyo. You can check the route options and rates here.

The area around the airport can get very busy and pick-up spots and parking are limited, so arriving by car to Haneda is not a great idea. Choose public transport when possible.

Going somewhere else in Japan?

If you are heading outside Tokyo taking a bus from the airport is a great option. The airport is well connected to the surrounding Kanto region and its prefectures Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa. 

To get even further out, you can get trains directly from the airport too. For example, both Osaka and Kyoto can be reached in less than three hours from the airport train station. The trains run very frequently and are relatively reasonably priced. 

Haneda is also a great hub for domestic flights so connecting is easy and route options are many. You can catch a flight to almost any major Japanese city from Haneda. You can check the current routes and timetables here.

Staying at the airport for a while? 

Getting around the airport has been made as easy as possible. Travelling between terminals can be done with a free shuttle bus, Keikyu line or Tokyo Monorail, underground passageway between terminals 1 and 2, or transit ramp bus. To help you navigate you can download a map on your phone in advance. 

If you must wait for your connecting flight or arrived early for your departure, no need to worry. Haneda is one of the best airports in the world to spend some extra time on. The airport is decorated to maximum comfort, there is every service you could wish for, as well as fantastic shopping and lots of food options

Some of the shopping highlights include some great quality book shops, toy shops stocking famous Japanese characters, and lots of stands selling beautifully wrapped chocolates, Japanese sweets and other edible gifts. 

You also do not have to settle for a simple sandwich, as the restaurant quality is very high. There are plenty of great Japanese restaurants, such as the hugely popular Ariso Sushi and the delicious ramen spot Setagaya. For the sweet-toothed, the famous chef Alain Ducasse has a chocolate shop at the airport, and of course you can get your hands on some Ladurée macarons too.

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