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New experiences meet traditional sights in Croatia

Are you looking for something more than a nice hotel and a spot of sightseeing? In Croatia it is easy to enjoy the interesting culture, history, and scenery - as well as make time for new and unique experiences. Maybe you would like to try luxurious outdoor accommodation, test the seas on a sailing boat or get to grips with the local food culture. Croatia is a Mediterranean treasure trove full of feel-good experiences.

Glamp it up

Glamour + Camping = Glamping. When you want to enjoy the outdoors and be close to nature, but stay as comfortable as possible, choose glamping. In this luxury version of camping you will sleep in a good bed and take advantage of great facilities.

Glamping has taken Croatia by storm, and you can find good sites near all the major attractions of the country. In the stunning island of Hvar, known for its history going back to ancient times, beautiful architecture, and vibrant nightlife you can find Cast Away, an eco-friendly glamping site in the middle of an unspoiled beach. The location is ideal for discovering the famous coves around the island or do a long hike.

In Pomer Bay, south of the prehistoric harbor city of Pula, Arena One 99 is a luxury site with fully equipped glamping tents. There are a lot of activities on site, including windsurfing and yoga but the location is also great for sight-seeing. In the nearby area there are interesting destinations such as the protected Kašteja Forest Park and Premantura fishing village as well as all the historical sights of Pula, from the Roman Amphitheater to Temple of Augustus.

Sail away

Croatia is one of the top sailing destinations in Europe and for good reason. Clear waters, lots of islands to visit and calm winds make sailing easy and fun, even for beginners. The Croatian coastline is dotted with interesting sights and small towns, so making pit stops along the way is a given.

The Dalmatian Coast is a good place to make your sailing destination, with the most islands to discover and an easy access from Split or Dubrovnik. Your sailing itinerary should include visits to the pretty islands of Hvar, Korcula, Vis, and Brac, all within about a half day's sail of each other.

On the islands you can find sights such as ancient ruins but also great restaurants for seafood as well as bars and clubs. For boat hire there are lots of options available depending on your experience, size of party and other needs. You could choose a luxury boat where the crew does absolutely everything or if you are a seasoned sailor perhaps you will want to sail out on your own.

Me time in spa

Just being by the crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea might rejuvenate you enough, but if you feel like you need a bit of extra help a spa could do just the trick.

If you are looking for real luxury in a location full of natural beauty, your best choice might be Ikador Hotel in the small town of Ika. The hotel has a wide variety of treatments and amazing suites to stay in but even the area surrounding it is ideal for unwinding.

The coastline around Ika is known for its vineyards and the mountains of Ucka and Gorski Kotar are a short drive away. On the mountains you can find hiking trails, lakes and caves to explore. You do not however have to venture outside the city to enjoy some spa treatments.

In Dubrovnik there are several great spas including Hotel Bellevue and Hotel Excelsior so that you can combine your me time with sights and city life. Once preened and polished in one of the spas you are ready to head out to see the baroque palaces of the city center or do some shopping at the pedestrianized area of Stradun.

Fantastic food scene

Croatian cuisine is a mixture of fresh seafood and heavyish traditional treats such as cured meats and pastry. Recently the food scene has been hotting-up and Croatia has become a prime destination for anyone seriously excited about the flavors of the Mediterranean.

If you really want to get an insight into the local cuisine you could try one of the many cooking classes popping up. In Split a popular option is Cucina Mare that teaches you to cook like a real Croatian chef and in Dubrovnik Gourmets of Dubrovnik offers classes as well as food related tours, tastings and even grape picking. If you are looking for the best geographic area to sample local delicacies head to lovely Istria. Local truffles are a must have and there is even a restaurant called Zigante in Livade dedicated to "tartufo vero", genuine Istrian truffle.

Some of the other local specialties include fresh mussels and oysters. If you want to experience catching and cooking seafood yourself, you could join a fishing tour.

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