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Smoother travels with our handy online services designed for Finnair Plus members

We offer multiple digital services for our Finnair Plus members and develop new online features constantly. You can take care of your bookings, update your personal information and use the Avios you have collected, for instance.

Planning your next trip? As a Finnair Plus member, you can take care of most of your travel and membership needs online, which makes travel planning so much easier. Thanks to our comprehensive digital services, you need to contact our customer service less and less. 

"The most important benefit for our customers is the speed of the service. Our online services are always open, so you can access them when it best suits you," tells Pipsa Hukka, Manager, Loyalty Operations at Finnair. 

Log in and make changes to your bookings

It’s always better to make a flight reservation when you are logged in your Finnair Plus account. This way, you’ll collect Avios and Finnair Plus tier points automatically from the flights and travel extras you purchase. If you wish to make booking even easier for the next time, you can save your credit card information. Some campaigns are only targeted to members, so you will see the member prices only as logged in.

My Finnair Plus section on our website shows you your up-to-date Avios and tier points balance and the transactions you have made. It’s also possible to add information or make changes to your profile. In case you have forgotten your password, you can order a new one.

"It’s very easy to keep your information up-to-date online. You can, for example, add a new email address, add your passport information, update your special meal request or change your direct marketing preferences," Hukka explains. 

An important travel companion for Finnair Plus members is without a doubt also the Finnair app. In the app, you can find your Finnair Plus membership card and your tier benefits. Checking in for your flight is also easy in the app.

Manage and use your Avios

Missing Avios is something that can puzzle members from time to time. However, you can easily add the missing Avios to your account yourself, without a call to a customer service agent or filling any contact forms. 

"The best way to add the missing Avios is to log into your account and claim the Avios yourself. This way, the Avios are available for you faster," Hukka mentions.

Using Avios for award flights can also be done online, whether you are using Avios for the entire price of the flight or some of it. The option to pay with Avios is offered automatically towards the end of the booking funnel where you choose your desired payment method.

If you’d like to elevate your travel experience and travel more comfortable, you can request a travel class upgrade online. You are just as likely to get the upgrade when requesting it online as you are with direct contact to a customer service agent. Additionally, Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo, Platinum and Gold members can check the upgrade availability when logged in.

Hukka explains that if seats are not available at that moment, everyone wishing for an upgrade will enter the same waiting list. Customer service agents don't have the option to increase availability. 

"Many travellers might think that calling or sending a message to our customer service is a more reliable or faster way to get an upgrade. You can, however, safely do this online. All you need is a pre-booked Economy Class ticket. It’s far simpler for our customer service to handle the requests if the upgrades are requested online."

Shop and find even more services

An important place to visit for all our members is Finnair Shop, where you can use Avios in many ways. The online store offers you a variety of Finnair awards and products from hotel vouchers to restaurant experiences, home delivery design items to donations. 

"You can also buy more Avios at Finnair Shop when needed, exchange them to tier points, or transfer them from one account to another," Hukka mentions. There is a €10 fee to exchange and transfer Avios at Finnair Shop, while our customer service charges a €20 fee for these services.

You can purchase travel extras both online on Manage booking and the Finnair app. It’s also possible to pay for travel extras with Avios. It’s also possible to pay for travel extras with Avios.

Hukka reminds members that using the online services regularly is a great way to stay up to date – not only of your membership status but also of the many partnerships offering awards and products.

"There are also always new digital services on their way since we keep developing and updating them continually. It's worthwhile to keep an eye on all the options. At Finnair Shop, you can see the current partners and the services they offer," she sums up.

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