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Changes in traffic arrangements at Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport’s traffic arrangements to change on 2 March 2021

Helsinki Airport renews to offer you an even smoother travel experience in the future. Due to the construction work, traffic arrangements change at the airport temporarily as of 2 March 2021 until early December 2021. You can no longer drive in front of Terminal 2 by taxi or car, and all drop-off and pick-up traffic will be in front of Terminal 1. You need to walk some 300 meters from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2, so please arrive at the airport in good time before your flight. 

  • If you arrive at or leave the airport by taxi, the taxi station will be in front of Terminal 1. 

  • If someone drops you off at the terminal, the right place for this at Terminal 1. Please note that cars can stop only briefly in front of the terminal to avoid congestion. For a longer stop, please use the chargeable short-term parking area in P3. 

  • If someone picks you up from the airport, please ask them to wait for you in the short-term parking area in P3.  

The invalid taxi drop-off and waiting area as well as the passageways to the bus and train stations remain as before. 

More information at Finavia web page

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