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How our meal service is updated to keep you safe

Whether it’s wearing masks or ensuring effective ventilation, Finnair is committed to flying in the most corona secure way possible. And that’s why our meal service has been adapted to keep both crew and customers safe at all times.

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Before the pandemic, multiple drinks services and menu options were part of what made flying Finnair so special. But with the need to cut down on contact, our services have had to change.

“Of course, everything is a bit  limited at the moment, so we have taken elements away to reduce direct contacts between crew and customers,” says Lauri Ahonen, Concept & Category Manager, Inflight Food & Beverage at Finnair. 

 “There is one choice of meal in Business Class.” On short haul European flights, a single service is carried out across Business and Economy Class at the same time. On long haul trips between Finland and Asia, there are still two meal services: dinner just after take-off and breakfast just prior to landing.

Smoothness, says Ahonen, is of the essence. “The service is simplified compared to normal to lessen contact between cabin crew and customers. All staff wear masks and plastic gloves.”

“Everything is pretty much individually wrapped,” he adds. “Served meals are covered with lids .”   to minimise concerns about the spread of coronavirus while the service is underway.

Special meals

While choice is limited, that’s not to say that those with special requirements will go hungry on a Finnair flight.

“You can order special meals as usual for Business Class and for long haul Economy Class, but at the moment we are only providing those for people with dietary requirements, allergies or medical reasons,” says Ahonen. “For example, in Business Class you can normally order seafood, raw meals and even fruit plates according to your personal preferences. We aren’t providing that service at the moment, but among others gluten free, vegetarian and dairy free meals are delivered as usual.”

Pre-order meals

As of October, buying pre-order meals is once again possible via the Finnair website. Choosing a pre-order meal from our tempting selection is highly recommended as we don’t have onboard sales during these exceptional times with adjusted service elements. This means that those who  desire a meal do not have to bring their own food, just visit the Finnair website before your flight.  

Resuming normal service

While the global pandemic shows few signs of ending, the resumption of normal service remains some way off.

“At the moment we’re striking a difficult balance,” says Ahonen. “Some customers are saying there should be no meal or drink service at all on the aircraft, that they don’t feel safe when people are taking their masks off to eat and drink, but on the other hand a slight majority would prefer to have all of the usual service elements.”

Yet what’s most important is that all steps have been taken to ensure customers feel as safe and confident as they can when they fly, while still giving them the high-quality food and service they have come to expect from Finnair.

You can find more details about our current meal service onboard here.

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