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Choose your perfect European remote work destination

Feeling the itch to escape the routines of home life? Thinking of working remotely somewhere in Europe? We picked some of our favorite remote work destinations and help you choose between them. Now pack your laptop, book your flights, and make sure you have some time for days off and fun activities in your work schedule. It is time to make the most of your working "holiday".

Make the Summer Longer and Live Cheap in Italy

Want to extend the summer holiday vibes, even when working? Make a beeline for Italy. Especially in Southern Italy the summer reaches well into October or November and if you are lucky the weather can be great all year round.

Apart from the weather one of the main reasons digital nomads head to Italy is the relatively reasonable rent prices outside of the major cities. If you are willing to head out into the countryside, you can find a lovely period property for as little as €300 a month. This makes Italy ideal for the remote worker who enjoys the calm of the countryside and picturesque scenery - and wants to keep to a budget.  

There is even a scheme in Italy to lure in digital nomads to some of the more remote villages. Properties are being fixed to meet the needs of remote workers, high-speed internet installed, and some villages are even paying the rent for incomers!

City Living is Easy in Croatia

If you are more tempted by urban life, Croatia can offer good value. Croatia's bigger cities Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Spilt have plenty of affordable short-term rentals making it easy to find accommodation even in the center of the city. House sharing is common and renting a room from Airbnb is a popular choice when staying for a shorter while.

What makes Croatia great for remote workers is the bustling cafe scene. Most cafes will not frown upon laptop workers and will happily see you working away. Not all the cafes offer Wi-Fi, but it is getting more common place to get good internet access. Some of the favorite digital nomad coffee shops in Zagreb include Quahwa and Cogito Coffee. In Split you could choose Teak Caffe and in Dubrovnik Soul Caffe. But just wandering around the cities you will definitely come across a space where people are pounding on their laptops over a latte or a sneaky glass of wine.

Croatia even has a good amount of co-working spaces for anyone who needs more space to concentrate or wants to connect with other nomads. The Expat in Croatia -site has a comprehensive list of spaces available across Croatia.

Culture and Community in Germany

Germany might be the best option for your remote work experience if you are working in the creative industry - or just looking to get inspired, meet likeminded people, and enjoy culture and events.

Most will think Berlin, when considering remote work in Germany. And it is still the safest option. Rent is not as extortionate as in other major metropolitans and as far as experiences go it doesn't get much better. The co-working spaces in Berlin have a strong emphasis on creativity and community so joining one for a while can be very interesting. Some of the ones offering a lot more than just an office space are Factory Berlin and Kaos.

If you are travelling alone and want to connect with others there are also events and groups you could join. The Internationals in Berlin group welcomes newcomers and hosts lots of events. If you don't need a permanent co-working space but would like to meet people Betahaus has a cafe and events that you can drop in on a short notice.

Nature and Small-Town Charm in Finland

Most digital nomads will not venture out of Helsinki when visiting Finland. This makes sense as Helsinki has great cafes, co-working spaces, and a lot of culture. But here is a suggestion, why not try remote work somewhere a bit outside of the metropolitan area? Rent-wise you will get a lot more bang for your buck and be able to get closer to nature.

Some of the smaller towns that offer short term accommodation around the year, cafes to work in and lots of charm include Porvoo, Tammisaari and Rauma. Or you could try the student heavy Jyväskylä in the very heart of Finland or head up the coast to Vaasa.

If you want be right in the middle of nature you could rent a cabin. Outside of summer season you can get some serious deals and have peace and quiet to focus on your work. Make sure you check the facilities - internet tends to work everywhere but running water and an indoor toilet are not a given.

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