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How to be a digital nomad and master the art of Working From Holiday

For many, the world of work will never be the same after the pandemic. With working from home now the norm for millions, offices and fixed places of work are likely to become less important, as people look towards more flexible ways of doing business.

Digital Nomad

That means all you need to work wherever you like, whether it’s by the pool in Thailand or outside a cafe in downtown Ljubljana is a stable internet connection. With countries all over the world offering new remote working visas, now’s the time to become a digital nomad. Here’s how you can master the new art of working from holiday.

Get the right visa before you jet off

Numerous countries have brought in new visas aimed at enticing digital nomads in the wake of coronavirus. If you’re planning to work overseas, it’s vital to secure the right paperwork, as working on a tourist visa may be illegal. In this new world, though, getting the right visa is far easier, as destinations look to attract the best and brightest without asking them to undergo onerous application procedures. If you’re an EU citizen, remember you can travel and work freely across member states. Be mindful that some travel restrictions still apply.

Tropical paradise, Middle Eastern metropolis or European chic

Whether you want to work on the beach or get a dose of big city life, the options for remote workers are increasingly impressive. Thailand allows foreign visitors to work on their own projects as long as they’re not targeted at the Thai market, on a standard entry visa, but is offering a new Smart Visa for digital nomads, which lasts for up to four years. Phuket is aiming to vaccinate its entire population to draw in digital nomads, with the potential to quarantine in a resort on arrival.

Dubai, meanwhile, has launched a new one year remote worker visa, allowing digital nomads to come and go as they please and even bring their families with them. For something closer to home, Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa allows for a one year stay, as long as workers meet earnings criteria. Tallinn has some amazing co-working spaces centered on Telliskivi Creative City. Lift 99 is the best.

Make the most of working in Europe with Finnair

Helsinki’s status as one of Europe’s leading hubs makes it a great place to launch your life as a digital nomad. Finnair’s current network offers pioneering digital nomads the chance to head to plenty of great destinations across Europe that welcome remote workers. Why not head to Norway and experience its amazing outdoor lifestyle while working on its Independent Contractor Visa? Or plug into Berlin’s startup scene on Germany’s special freelance visa, which allows stays between six months and three years?

For something extra special, head to Madeira. These Portuguese islands have become a beacon for low Covid rates, with a new Digital Nomad Village dedicated to remote working. 

Get your data package and WiFi options in order

If you’re hopping between destinations, then it’s worth making sure that you have the right international data package for your smartphone. This will help keep costs down, as well as ensure you have the same number wherever you are, making it easy for clients to get hold of you.

Some mobile networks will offer access to secure public WiFi networks, which can be more reliable and safer than open ones found in cafes and bars. 

Staying safe online

A good VPN (virtual private network) is a must if you want to be a digital nomad. They will encrypt your browsing, preventing your data from being exposed, as well as allowing you to access content that might be restricted to your home country.

Set up two step verification for email and secure sites and avoid using open networks where your data can easily be accessed. 

Become a digital nomad and book your Finnair flights to destinations around the world.

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