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Finnair Economy, upgraded: New experiences in every seat

Step onto our refreshed long haul fleet and you’ll find an all new Economy Class cabin with an airy Nordic design.

On our A330 fleet, there are brand new seats and upgraded in-flight entertainment, while our Airbus A350 aircraft is getting new seat covers and a whole design refresh too. Across the entire category there’s also an updated menu, which will make flying to Asia or the United States with Finnair a truly unforgettable experience.

“It made sense to redesign Economy Class, and not just because we were doing the rest of the aircraft,” says David Kondo, Senior Manager, Customer Experience and Design Strategy, at Finnair.

“Customers will see a significant upgrade in terms of ergonomics and comfort, as well as some added storage features,” adds Kondo of the A330 upgrade.

At 18 inches, Finnair’s Economy Class seats are the widest in the category. But it’s not just the extra space that will provide comfort throughout your journey. Memory foam cushions, a feature often only found in premium and business class, mean you’ll be comfortable from the moment you take a seat.

“Memory foam is becoming more and more common in aircraft interiors and seating cushions,” says Kondo. “It helps with posture and ergonomics support.”

Once you’re settled, the excellent new in-flight entertainment system will ensure that the hours fly by. With a new 12-inch screen and the very latest movies and TV shows across the board, there’s no chance you’ll be bored between take off and landing.

“Entertainment is the same in Economy Class as in Premium Economy and Business Class,” says Kondo. 

You will notice a new, darker look on the IFE’s user interface, designed to be easier on the eye when flying at night. Add in USB-C connectivity and you’ve also got the opportunity to charge your smartphone or tablet while losing yourself in your own shows.

As in our all-new Premium Economy and Business Class cabins, the menu has been updated on Finnair’s long haul fleet. If you’re travelling in Economy Class, you will enjoy a set three course meal and a light meal ahead of landing.

Sustainability remains a cornerstone of everything we do at Finnair. That means we aim to use the most sustainable produce in our meals, reduce waste on board and cut down on weight through the use of lightweight, sustainable materials.

Finnair’s refreshed Economy Class cabin will be rolling out across our entire A330 and A350 long haul fleet during 2022 and 2023. Book now to try it for yourself.

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