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5 ways to prepare for your next holiday

Is your next holiday around the corner? If so, now is a perfect time to start preparing for your upcoming trip. When you make the preparations in advance and tailor your flight with our travel extras, you get to start your journey smoothly and more hassle-free.

1. Pre-order your meal to not get hungry on board

It depends on your destination and travel class, whether a meal is included in your flight. For our European and domestic flights, you can pre-order a fresh or a warm meal depending on the length of your flight. See our current pre-order selection to find your favourites.

If you follow a special diet or have some dietary restrictions and a meal is included in your flight, please make sure to pre-select a special meal. In case of a severe allergy, inform us before departure. As our long-haul Business Class customer, you can pre-select your main course in Manage booking when your flight departs from Helsinki.

Pre-ordering a meal is also sustainable, as it helps us to reserve the optimal number of meals and products onboard, which ultimately leads to less food waste and reduces the weight of the aircraft.

2. Choose your desired seat and travel more comfortably

Are you travelling with your family or travel companion, or do you want to sit on a certain seat? By purchasing a seat in advance, you ensure your desired seat on board, or seats together with your travel party. You can purchase your desired seat in advance either when making a booking, or later on from Manage booking or the Finnair app. You can choose from different types of seats depending on the aircraft type.

In addition, all our intercontinental flights have some baby bassinets on them. You can reserve a suitable seat in advance and, thus, travel more comfortably with a small baby.

3. Check your baggage allowance and purchase extra baggage

We have different ticket types to choose from, Superlight, Light, Classic and Flex, which baggage allowance varies. If your ticket type doesn’t include checked baggage or you are travelling with multiple bags, you can purchase extra baggage either with Avios or money. You can save time and money by purchasing your extra bag in advance in Manage booking or the Finnair app.

There’s an extra fee for baggage that exceeds the measurements of a standard baggage allowance. It’s good to keep this in mind if you are going on a holiday with your sports equipment, such as a bicycle or kayak. Please note that the charge needs to be paid in advance. You can use our convenient chatbot to get the payment link.

4. Upgrade your travel class and travel in comfort

Do you want to travel more comfortably? We recommend you choose our new Premium Economy Class or our Business Class as your travel class.

You can also upgrade your travel class. With our easy-to-use self-service tool, you can check if your flight can be upgraded and purchase the upgrade with different online payment options, Avios or upgrade benefits.

5. Make sure you have the needed travel documents

Before your trip, please make sure you have the required travel documents with you, such as passport and a visa. It’s good to note that some countries require your passport to be valid, for example, for six months. Read our Blue Wings article on 10 questions about travel documents to find out answers to ten hot topics. 

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