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Finnair centenary in numbers

As we step into 2024, Finnair’s 100th anniversary is now a part of our history. Looking back on the year, the various encounters at airports around the world, onboard our flights, and in our digital channels have made the year truly special. We want to express our gratitude to our customers for being a part of our centenary year. A special thank you goes also to the wide Finnair team: our employees and partners.

Throughout our centenary year, we released our final printed Blue Wings magazine onboard and in our lounges, totaling 50,000 copies. Our customers shared thousands of travel tips with us, with a hundred of them being shared on social media. We organized more than 40 events globally across 11 countries and 19 cities. Over 1700 schoolchildren and students visited our hangars, exploring the world of aviation. We had the opportunity to celebrate this significant milestone with over 3400 Finnair employees who participated in the centenary events. Towards the year's end, Santa visited 6 countries, meeting our customers and visiting charity organizations.

Sweet moments unfolded on our blue and white wings! During the birthday week, we handed out half a million Finnair 100 candies, 20,000 Business Class pralines, and 35,000 aircraft-themed candy bags to children. Additionally, 5500 cake pieces were served in Helsinki's Finnair lounges.

Our centenary liveries continue to grace our planes, as the Moomins will still be flying with us in 2024, alongside the slogan 'Bringing us together since 1923.'

As in any other year, we welcomed tens of thousands of customers daily, serving them 1 million liters of blueberry juice throughout the year. We are immensely grateful that Finnair has reached the respectable age of 100 years. Thank you all! With confidence, we now set our sights on the next Finnair birthday and the next hundred years.

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