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10 common questions about check-in for a flight

Check-in is part of every flight. To save time at the airport, we recommend advance check-in for Finnair flights in our mobile app or website. Tuula Ihamäki from Finnair's ground operations team answered the most common questions about check-in.

How and when can I check in for my flight?

You can check in in advance online or via the Finnair app for all Finnair-operated flights departing from Finland and from most Finnair destinations across the network – even if your journey includes a connecting flight. Check-in opens 36 hours before departure and 24 hours before departure for flights to the USA.

You can also check in at the airport at a check-in kiosk, or if self-service is unavailable, at check-in counters. In addition to Helsinki Airport, there are check-in kiosks at the airports of many of our destinations. Finnair check-in opening hours vary by airport.

Here you can check when check-in should be done at the latest.

I checked in in advance. What is left to do at the airport?

If you have checked baggage to be carried in the hold of the aircraft, please check in your baggage at the airport check-in area within the check-in opening hours. If your departure station has an automated bag drop and you are using it, please remember to print out the bag tag from the check-in kiosk first and attach it to your bag.

If you are travelling without checked baggage, have checked in in advance, and received a boarding pass for your flight, you can go directly through security to your departure gate.

How do I attach the baggage tag to my bag?

The bag tag contains instructions for attaching it. First, remove and keep the bag tag receipt that is on the other end of the bag tag. Then, attach the longer bag tag to the side handle of your bag. Remove the sticker backing paper from the end of the baggage tag and attach the sticker to the other end.

Please remember to remove all old bag tags and barcode stickers from your bag.

Do I always need a printed boarding pass for my flight?

At most airports, you don’t need a printed boarding pass and can travel with a digital boarding pass. You can board the aircraft with just a QR code, but the actual boarding pass shows, for example, the boarding group and time, so it's a good idea to have the boarding pass in digital format with you. An easy way to do this is to use the Finnair app.

We will let you know in online and mobile check-in if printed boarding pass is needed for your travel. You can print it at home or airport check-in kiosk.

I checked in in advance but did not receive my boarding pass. Why?

When travelling to certain countries, the authorities of the destination country require that the boarding pass must be collected at the airport check-in, although you are able to check in using our digital channels.

When travelling with a pet, with certain special baggage, or with some special needs, we kindly ask you to check in at the airport check-in desk, where you will also receive a boarding pass for your flight.

When you have connecting flights on your booking, you may, in some situations, be asked to collect your boarding pass for your connecting flight at the airport transfer desk.

Can I choose my seat at check-in?

When you have a Finnair Flex ticket, you can choose a standard or a preferred seat complimentary at check-in and even before that. If you have one of our other ticket types, you can choose a seat by purchasing it as a travel extra in advance or during check-in. Finnair Plus tier members have tier benefits related to seat selection.

Read more questions and answers about seating.

I have requested assistance at the airport. What should I do at check-in?

In most situations, you can check in in advance or at the airport's check-in kiosk, even if you have requested assistance at the airport. We will let you know in our digital check-in channels if you need to check in at the counter. Depending on the airport and the assistance service you booked, you will meet your assistant at check-in or a designated meeting point. Our ground crew in the departure hall will advise you if needed. At Helsinki Airport, a service desk with a Special Assistance sign is also at your service.

If you are travelling with your wheelchair, at most airports, you can use your own wheelchair all the way to the departure gate. Alternatively, you can hand over your own wheelchair to be transported in the hold already at check-in and use a borrowed wheelchair to get to the gate.

What size of carry-on baggage can I take with me in the cabin?

When you have a Finnair Light, Classic or Flex ticket for any travel class, you can take a small bag (40x30x15cm) and a bigger carry-on bag (55x40x23cm) with you. The Superlight ticket includes one small bag that is placed under the seat. When travelling with a Superlight ticket, you can buy a bigger carry-on bag as a travel extra. Finnair Plus Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Lumo members have this bigger carry-on baggage as a tier benefit when travelling with a Superlight ticket.

In Business Class, a small bag and a carry-on bag can weigh up to 12 kg in total. In Economy and Premium Economy Class, the total weight limit for carry-on baggage is 8 kg. Read more questions and answers about carry-on baggage.

What should I do with special baggage?

The space for special baggage is limited in the aircraft hold, so it’s extremely important to book the transportation for any special baggage in advance. This is the only way to ensure there is space for your baggage in the hold and that your journey starts smoothly. Special baggage fees are also lower when purchased in advance than at the airport.

If you bring a bicycle, skis or golf equipment, you can book the transfer and pay the baggage fee for Finnair flights via Manage booking. Please book transportation for your other special baggage in advance via our chat service.

Special baggage must always be taken to the special baggage belt at the airport. Please first pick up the bag tag from our staff at check-in. When carrying special baggage, please arrive at the airport well in advance. The journey starts smoothly when you familiarise yourself with the transport instructions for special baggage when packing. See instructions for travelling with pets.

I need to carry extra baggage. What should I do?

If you carry more baggage than your baggage allowance includes, you will have to pay an additional fee for the extra bags.

Please note that if you did not buy your ticket directly from Finnair or your ticket includes flights from other airlines, the extra baggage surcharge may depend on the airline that marketed the flight. In addition, when travelling to the USA, additional baggage fees are subject to different rules than on other routes.

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