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Beautiful city breaks for the spring

After a long winter of hibernation indoors we are all longing to feast our eyes on something new. We picked the best cities in Europe to really enjoy the beauty of spring, mild days, and the awakening of nature.


Spring is a great time to visit London. The city literally comes to life within a few weeks when the first blooms open in the famous gardens and parks, the cafés and restaurants set up outdoor seating, and the great markets around town start their high season.

If you are looking for aesthetic experiences, there is plenty to love in London. You could start your holiday around the fancy area of Kensington and Chelsea where cherry tree lined streets and pastel-coloured houses make for perfect Instagram moments. While you are there, you need to have coffee and cake at Peggy Porschen, undoubtedly one of the cutest cafés in the world. After a caffeine fix you could continue shopping around King's Road, home to some seriously pretty shops such as Anthropologie.

Spring might make flower lovers go a bit crazy in London. At St James' Park you could stroll through thousands of daffodils, whereas in Kew Gardens the crocus fields stretch as long as the eye can see. If you are staying for more than a night or two and want some flowers to cheer up your room (or just want to browse and snap pictures), head out to the flower markets. The best one is Colombia Road in Hackney. The street has many great shops and cafés too if the sheer number of tulips and roses gets a bit too much to take in.


Italy is at its best in the spring. In Verona, the city can be explored without the dry heat of the summer and flocks of tourists, and even the prices are lower. And of course, the beautiful ancient buildings are surrounded by flowers in bloom.

Easter is one of the biggest holidays in Italy and seeing the festivities for yourself is memorable. The most famous of celebrations are the Good Friday processions, but of course there are masses and festive dinners happening around town as well. Also make sure you visit the bakeries and cafés around town to try some Easter treats, such as the cake Colomba. Good bakeries include Pasticceria Camesco and  Pasticceria Flego. Please note that some shops and businesses might have different opening hours during the holidays, so check in advance.

Some of the famous tourist attractions are better in the spring too. Juliet's house and the courtyard surrounding the famous balcony are not as crowded as in the high season. If you visit the house interior, you might even get a chance to pop out onto the balcony. Another great attraction to visit before summer hits is Giardino Giusti, the stunning renaissance garden featuring everything from a citrus to potted gardens. The highest point of the garden offers great views over Verona.


The life in Prague revolves around the Vltava River and the warmer spring days bring out the locals to enjoy its surroundings. The lovely mild weather can also be enjoyed in many of the city's historical parks and gardens. You can see people grabbing their lunch or snacks and picnicking out as soon as it's possible.

The restaurant scene changes completely from the winter as the riverside bars and restaurants come to their own. One of the most gorgeous one to visit is Cotto Crudo, an Italian restaurant housed by Four Seasons and offering great views of the river. Or you could try Balcony Bar. It merges chic cocktails with lovely city scenery.

Prague is also a great city to admire the cherry and magnolia blossom season in March and April. One of the largest parks in the city Petřín Hill is a good place to start your blossom hunt at. You should also check out Wallenstein Garden. It is a private garden where, along the trees in flower, you can find many pretty features such as a pond, a pavilion, and even an artificial cave.

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