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Business Class flight offers

Fly to your next destination in our Business Class in comfort. All our Business Class tickets include exclusive meal services with beverages. Search and compare Finnair Business Class offers to New York, Hong Kong or any other dream destination and book flights today.

Flights from Helsinki

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Flights to Europe

Business Class flights to Europe

When you fly our Business Class within Europe, a carry-on allowance of 12kg makes packing hassle-free and an empty middle seat provides extra comfort.

Flights+hotel 7 days€629
Flights+hotel 3 days€483
Flights+hotel 3 days€422
Flights+hotel 3 days€382
Flights+hotel 2 days€363
Flights+hotel 3 days€519
Flights+hotel 3 days€348
Flights+hotel 2 days€305
Flights+hotel 3 days€482
Flights+hotel 2 days€451
Flights+hotel 2 days€374
Flights+hotel 3 days€345
Flights+hotel 3 days€539
Flights+hotel 5 days€560
Flights+hotel 3 days€491
Flights+hotel 3 days€457
Flights+hotel 3 days€387
Flights+hotel 2 days€329
Flights+hotel 7 days€753
Flights+hotel 3 days€503
Flights+hotel 4 days€473
Flights+hotel 3 days€386
Flights+hotel 3 days€365
Flights+hotel 3 days€541
Flights+hotel 3 days€457
Flights+hotel 2 days€426
Flights+hotel 2 days€274
Flights+hotel 3 days€414
Flights+hotel 2 days€445
Flights+hotel 3 days€406
Flights+hotel 3 days€358
Flights+hotel 2 days€295

Flights to the Middle East

Business Class flights to the Middle East

Our Business Class flights to Dubai and Doha will delight you with two in-flight meals: a main meal designed by our chefs and a snack. Enjoy a spacious seat and top-notch service. 

Flights+hotel 3 days€785

Flights to America

Business Class flights to America

Experience elevated comfort and privacy when flying to the USA in Finnair's renewed Business Class. With our partner network, you can reach your destination in North America in comfort.

Flights+hotel 5 days€1,096
Flights+hotel 5 days€1,497
Flights+hotel 7 days€1,085

Flights to Asia and Australia

Business Class flights to Asia and Australia

Time flies on our Business Class flights to Asia and Australia. Enjoy ample space, mouthwatering in-flight meals and priority services like lounge access and complimentary internet access.

Flights+hotel 5 days€1,118
Flights+hotel 5 days€1,083
Flights+hotel 5 days€996
Flights+hotel 5 days€1,234

Flights to Africa

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