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The best way to earn award points

You earn up to 3 Finnair Plus award points for every euro you spend, depending on your Finnair Plus membership tier and you will earn valuable benefits from every purchase. 

Pay your upcoming purchases with points

You can use Finnair Plus points earned with the Finnair Visa Credit card in various ways, such as to pay for holiday trips and to purchase various products and services for your everyday life. 

Finnair Visa Credit card benefits

  • You receive 2.5–3 Finnair Plus award points on all your purchases, depending on your membership tier.
  • You can flexibly choose your credit limit between 2,000–20,000 euros.
  • You receive an interest-free payment period of up to 45 days.
  • You receive credit card company cover for your credit purchases

  • You can make purchases of up to 50 euros with the contactless payment option of the card.
  • You can connect your card with Apple Pay and Google Pay and pay your purchases with your smart device.

Easy to apply for the card

  1. Fill in the Finnair Visa Credit card application in the link below (in Finnish). You need a Finnair Plus membership number for the card application.
  2. Install the Finnair Visa application from the app store.
  3. Activate your card in the Finnair Visa application.

You do not need to have an account in Aktia in order to apply for the card. You must have a Finnish social security number and a permanent address in Finland when applying. See terms (PDF, in Finnish).

Tier level rewards with points and membership benefits

You earn award points for every purchase according to your Finnair Plus membership tier.

Finnair Plus tier

Points accumulation

Finnair Plus Basic

2.5 points per euro

Finnair Plus Silver

3 points per euro

Finnair Plus Gold

Finnair Plus Platinum

Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo

3 points per euro

Please note: You cannot earn Finnair Plus points from paying bills, cash withdrawals or bank transfers. The amount of points earned depends on your membership tier at the time of awarding the points each month.

Information and support

If you have questions about card usage:

Contact Aktia Bank customer service (in Finnish)

Other questions:

Read the FAQ

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Aktia Bank Plc.

The Finnair Visa Credit card is issued by Aktia Bank Plc. Aktia is a multi-award winning asset manager, the second largest Finnish-owned bank and a trusted life insurer. As a Finnair Visa Credit card holder, you can also benefit from Aktia's other services and your personal prosperity plan aimed at developing your finances holistically. Check out the various asset management services at


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