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We will introduce changes to the Finnair Plus program in early 2024.

The best way to earn award points

You earn up to 3 Finnair Plus award points for every euro you spend, depending on your Finnair Plus membership tier and you will earn valuable benefits from every purchase. You can use award points in various ways, such as to pay for holiday trips and to purchase various products and services for your everyday life.

A new way to earn tier points

You can now earn 450 tier points when you make purchases of at least €1,500 in a calendar month with your Finnair Visa Credit card. Collecting tier points allows you to move up through the Finnair Plus membership tiers - with each tier upgrade, you'll get access to even more varied and valuable benefits.

Finnair Visa Credit card benefits

  • You receive 2.5–3 Finnair Plus award points on all your purchases, depending on your membership tier.
  • Earn 450 tier points when you make purchases of at least €1,500 in a calendar month.*
  • Exchange award points for tier points free of charge in Finnair Shop. The benefit can be used once per one-year tracking period.**
  • Transfer award points to another Finnair Plus account free of charge in Finnair Shop.***
  • You can apply for credit between €2,000–20,000.

  • You receive an interest-free payment period of 30 days on average.
  • You have a possibility for two months of payment-free period per calendar year. However, the months cannot be consecutive.
  • You can make purchases of up to 50 euros with the contactless payment option of the card.
  • You can connect your card with Apple Pay and Google Pay and pay your purchases with your smart device.
  • You can follow your purchases in the Finnair Visa application on your smart device.


*You earn 450 Finnair Plus tier points for every calendar month when you make purchases of at least €1,500. The benefit is valid until further notice and applies to purchases made from 1 June 2023. The benefit is also valid for holders of parallel cards.

You can earn a maximum of 450 tier points per calendar month with a Finnair Visa Credit card. Tier points will not double even if you make more purchases. For example, if you make purchases of €3,000 per calendar month, you will still receive 450 tier points.  

Tier points are added to the cardholder’s Finnair Plus account simultaneously with award points. For example, if you make purchases of at least €1,500 between 1–30 June 2023, 450 tier points will be added to your Finnair Plus account in July. New cardholders can also receive the tier point benefit already from the first month if they make purchases of at least €1,500 per month, even if the credit card has been activated in the middle of the calendar month.

The net sum of transactions for the calendar month will be accumulated by the posting date. Cash withdrawals, service fees, interest charges, bill payments and bank transfers (including MobilePay transfers to private persons) and refunds are not counted towards the €1,500 spend requirement. 

**Complimentary exchange of Finnair Plus award points to tier points applies to exchanges made online at Finnair Shop. A normal €20 service charge will be added for point exchanges made through our customer service. The exchange can be done only once per one-year tracking period.

You can exchange 3 award points for 1 tier point with a minimum exchange of 3,000 award points. Read more about exchanging award points for tier points

***Complimentary transfer of Finnair Plus award points applies to transfers made online at Finnair Shop. A normal €20 service charge for point transfers made through our customer service will be added.

Complimentary transfer of award points can be done multiple times per tracking period. Please note that award points cannot be transferred to a Finnair Plus Junior account. 

With the consent of the principal cardholder, separate parallel cards may be linked to the credit card for persons aged 18 or over or when the person is 16 or older and lives in the same household as the principal cardholder. Parallel cardholders collect Finnair Plus points in their personal Finnair Plus account.

Persons over the age of 18 can apply for a parallel card with an online application, and persons aged 16 or over who live in the same household as the principal cardholder can apply for a parallel card with the consent of their guardians through Aktia Finnair Visa customer service.  

The owner of the credit account is responsible for the use of the credit on the parallel card. Purchases appear on the invoice by card. The invoice is sent only to the principal cardholder.

The number of parallel cards is not limited. You can set a card-specific spending limit for a parallel card to meet the card user's needs. During the month, the parallel cardholder can follow their own transactions in the Finnair Visa app, and the available balance of the parallel card is updated once a month at the end of the calendar month. 

Easy to apply for the card

  1. Fill in the Finnair Visa Credit card application in the link below (in Finnish). You need a Finnair Plus membership number for the card application.
  2. Install the Finnair Visa application from the app store.
  3. Activate your card in the Finnair Visa application.

You do not need to have an account in Aktia in order to apply for the card. You must have a Finnish social security number and a permanent address in Finland when applying. See terms (PDF, in Finnish).

Tier level rewards with award points

You earn award points for every purchase according to your Finnair Plus membership tier.

Finnair Plus tierAward points accumulation
Finnair Plus Basic2.5 award points per euro
Finnair Plus Silver
Finnair Plus Gold
Finnair Plus Platinum
Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo
3 award points per euro

Please note: You cannot earn Finnair Plus award points from paying bills, cash withdrawals or bank transfers. The amount of award points earned depends on your membership tier at the time of awarding the points each month.

Information and support

If you have questions about card usage:

Contact Aktia Bank customer service (in Finnish)

Other questions:

Read the FAQ

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