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History and sunshine on the islands of Malta

Beaches. History. Quiet coves. Nightlife. Whether you’re planning a quick trip to soak up some Mediterranean sun or a true history tour, Malta has it all.

With so much history to explore, a trip to Malta should include some visits to famous sights such as the old capital Mdina with its fortified walls, towering Cathedral of Saint Paul and thousand-year-old streets. The UNESCO heritage-listed modern capital Valletta isn't short on cultural gems, either, being peppered with churches, cathedrals, museums and gardens. Quaint eateries and shops pack the tight, winding streets. Adventuring off the main island to either Gozo or Comino is also worth it – the scenery of the inner hills and the turquoise coastlines are a hiker's delight.

Find a myriad of bars, clubs and restaurants in the tourist-friendly areas of Sliema and St. Julians. While you won't find a lot of traditional Maltese culture here you can shop, eat and drink under the sun while never being far away from blue-water beach.

Malta International Airport (MLA)

The airport is located 5km south of Valletta. Buses, shuttles and taxis are available at the airport.

  • Check-in opens 2 hours before departure.
  • Check-in closes 45 minutes before departure.

Always remember to check your airline’s terminal and check-in times.

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