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Marimekko and Finnair's new collaboration is the next chapter in a long partnership

Our new look for the long-haul cabin has been a team effort, with designers, engineers and crew coming together to create something completely new. But it’s not just about those inside Finnair. Partnerships with major Finnish brands have also played a major role.

We have teamed up with Iittala and designer Harri Koskinen to develop the new Kuulas range of tableware found in Business Class. And textile giant Marimekko has once again worked closely with Finnair to help give the refresh of every cabin a truly unique look.

“Marimekko’s work on the redesign is just the latest in a long line of collaborations with Finnair,” says Kristos Mavrostomos, Development Manager, Customer Experience and Design, Finnair. 

“Our partnership started in 2012, with the first Marimekko products in the skies in 2013. So we’ve been working together for almost 10 years. It’s been a very big collaboration right from the beginning.”

If you have flown with Finnair previously you will have seen Marimekko’s stand out textiles and designs inside and outside our aircraft. “We’ve had many products with Marimekko design,” says Mavrostomos. “From smaller items such as paper cups and amenity kits all the way to cabin textiles and even aircraft livery.”

‘Something unique’

Inside the updated Finnair long-haul fleet, Marimekko’s work is ever so prominent. Iconic designs by renowned textile artist Maija Isola take pride of place throughout the Business Class and Premium Economy cabins, while Finnish contemporary artist Paavo Halonen’s vivid designs can be seen in Economy Class later this year.

In Business Class, you’ll find plush pillows and duvets that feature Isola’s Kalasääski print. While in Premium Economy, her Staccato print can be found on the new woven blanket and specially crafted neck pillow.

“It’s something pretty unique,” says Mavrostomos of the neck pillow. “Instead of a standard kind of pillow, we wanted to have this versatile neck pillow to really give the support not only for the neck, but then also as a lumber support.”

Mavrostomos explains that it’s been created to fit perfectly with the new Premium Economy seat, which is a fully customized Finnair finish of a design by Haeco. It’s been two years in the making.

“We started working on these new designs with Marimekko in 2019,” he says. “We identified from the very beginning that we wanted to have something new in terms of look and feel, and something that was really made to fit with the new seats.”

Shared philosophy

“Working with Marimekko, Finnair is able to offer something unlike any other airline,” says Mavrostomos.

“The partnerships with brands like Marimekko are something that differentiate us by building on our Nordic heritage. They also make it a more unique and pleasurable experience if you fly with us. We don't only share these partners’ design philosophy and values, but we also share the same markets, which makes the partnerships truly work.”

There is also a shared goal in terms of sustainability. The woven blanket in Premium Economy is made from 100% recycled polyester, while recycled materials are used as much as possible in items throughout the cabin.

Finnair’s fully updated long-haul cabin is rolling out across our entire fleet of Airbus A330 and Airbus A350 aircraft throughout 2022 and 2023.

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