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Connecting flights

At Helsinki Airport, all gates are located in one terminal building, along the same short walkway. This means you can be confident that you’ll reach your connecting flight fast and hassle-free. At best, changing planes takes just 35 minutes!

  • The gate number of your connecting flight will be displayed on the airport monitors, but you can also ask at the Transfer Service desk for further assistance.
  • At Helsinki Airport, the Transfer Service desks are located near gates 24 and 32A. If you are transferring at another airport, see Destinations for airport maps and Transfer Service desk locations.
  • If you do not have a boarding pass for your connecting flight, the Transfer Service desk can issue one to you.
  • If you have not checked in your baggage for your entire journey, you must collect your baggage from the baggage carousel in the baggage claim area. You should then check your baggage in for your connecting flight – you may also have to go through customs.

If you are arriving from or travelling to a non-Schengen country, you need to go through passport control. Citizens of EU, Scandinavia and Switzerland holding biometric passports can skip lines by using the airport’s fast and convenient automatic border control machines. Nationals of Japan and South Korea may use these gates during afternoon hours when leaving to non-Schengen destinations.

  View Helsinki-Vantaa airport map

Through check-in of passengers and baggage

Finnair takes care of the through check-in of all passengers transferring onto a connecting flight if that flight is operated by Finnair or a oneworld partner. If you have a connecting flight operated by another airline, the through check-in process may differ – ask at a check-in desk when you reach your transfer airport.

If the ticket for your connecting flight has been issued as a separate ticket, Finnair cannot be held liable for lost connections caused by a delay or cancellation of a Finnair flight.

When baggage is not checked through for a connecting flight, it is delivered to the baggage claim area. You must collect your baggage and check it in for your connecting flight.

Please also see baggage requiring customs clearance.

Minimum connecting times

The minimum connecting times apply only when all flights have been issued on the same ticket. In case you have flights on separate tickets, you need to reserve a significantly longer time for transfer.

Transfer times at Helsinki Airport listed below are relatively short compared to other major European airports. Connecting times for other airlines and destinations may vary.

Minimum connecting times between flights at Helsinki Airport
Flights within Finland 25–35 minutes
Flights within the Schengen area 35 minutes
Flights from a Schengen area to a non-Schengen area 40 minutes
Charter flights to any other flight 75 minutes

On charter flights, your baggage will be checked through to your final destination when the connecting time between flights is at least 75 minutes. At Helsinki Airport, passengers can contact Finnair Transfer Services, where they will be checked in for connecting flights within Finland.

Read more about connecting flights on the Helsinki Airport website.