Travel preparations

Here you can find all you need to know about our flight tickets, travel documents and travelling with children or with a medical condition. Dive in deeper and start planning for your dream flight with Finnair!

Booking Finnair flights

Whether you’re travelling on business or for pleasure, our flexible ticket options guarantee you a relaxing and peaceful flight.

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Travel documents

You need travel documents to prove your identity at various points during your journey. Avoid extra stress before and during your travel by taking care of all necessary travel documents well in advance.

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Children on board

Travelling with children is smooth and enjoyable, when you prepare for your trip beforehand. We also offer an escort service for children travelling alone.

Travelling with children Children travelling alone

Medical conditions and flying

Most people with different kinds of medical conditions are able to fly without difficulty. However, certain precautions need to be taken sometimes, and in some cases we request medical clearance.

Special assistance

Finnair timetable

Our weekly timetable shows all flight options operated to your destination on a given time period.

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Useful tips

To help you prepare for your journey, we have collected a checklist of all the important issues you need to consider before travelling.

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