Finnair Business Class amenity redesigned

Your new exclusive travel kit

As a Business Class customer flying on intercontinental routes, you’ll enjoy the all new amenity kits exclusively designed by Marimekko for Finnair.

The ‘Travel Kit’ series comes in eight beautiful collectable Marimekko print designs, features L:a Bruket cosmetics and integrates sustainable solutions. The pouch is designed to live beyond your journey with Finnair and to be used for countless times after your flight.

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The Marimekko prints

Maija Isola – one of Marimekko’s most celebrated designers – created several iconic patterns during her 38-year long career. The ‘Travel Kit’ series introduces four of her classic patterns taking flight for the first time: Joonas, Rautasänky, Pieni Melooni and Jenkka. The patterns and colours have been carefully selected for the series, and the pouches together with the matching eyeshades have been masterly woven in jacquard technique.

L:A bruket

For the cosmetics we have partnered with Swedish brand L:a Bruket. Their high-quality skincare treatments are made on the West coast of Sweden from natural and organic ingredients.

Inside the amenity kit you will find L:a Bruket Flying Essentials kit exclusively developed and designed for Finnair. We are introducing L:a Bruket products also in our aircraft and lounge washrooms so you can enjoy these products throughout your journey.

View the L:a Bruket range on the Finnair Shop here for select offers for your return flight.

Sustainable design

Finnair is committed to the environment and sustainability. The latest design of the travel kit includes more sustainable features, and we have significantly reduced plastic and packaging. Your toothbrush is also crafted from cornstarch-based bioplastic.

However, what truly makes the travel kit more sustainable is its design: by being a functional and stylish product we hope the kit travels with you for years to come.

If there are any items you don't need in your amenity kit, please hand them over to a member of our cabin crew during your flight. Unused items will be donated to women’s shelters.

Finnair will continue to incorporate more sustainable options throughout its products in the future. To learn more about Finnair corporate responsibility and how we are doing our part for the environment please click here