Marimekko for Finnair

Since 2012, Marimekko’s timeless and bold designs have been an integral part of the Finnair air travel experience. From aircraft liveries to tableware and textiles, Marimekko’s iconic patterns create a harmonious atmosphere for your flight.

We believe that good design has the power to make life better, and this unique cooperation with Marimekko is the perfect continuation to our strong design heritage.

Nordic design in the air

Marimekko on Finnair flights

Marimekko fleet

Currently two of our wide-body aircraft wear Marimekko patterns: a new Airbus A350 with “Kivet” and an Airbus A330 with the classic “Unikko”. In addition, Marimekko for Finnair collection of textiles and tableware are in use on all Finnair flights.

Marimekko textiles

The Marimekko for Finnair collection’s blankets and pillows bring softness and comfort to your flight experience. Marimekko’s unique designs are featured on our Business Class pillow cases, duvets and service textiles , as well as the Economy Class textiles.

The carefully selected patterns used in the textiles, including Maija Isola’s “Silkkikuikka” and “Kivet”, are fresh and timeless and reflect the freedom of flying. They have been specifically tailored for in-flight use by Marimekko designer Sami Ruotsalainen.

Marimekko tableware

Both beautiful and functional, the Marimekko for Finnair tableware with colourful patterns can be enjoyed throughout the on-board meal experience. The Business Class china is made of special lightweight porcelain, which reduces the aircraft weight and thus helps in reducing the environmental impact of flying. Marimekko’s unique designs bring also joy to the Economy Class meals.

In addition to “Kivet” and “Silkkikuikka”, the Marimekko patterns featured on Finnair’s tableware include Maija Isola’s “Seireeni”, “Koppelo” and “Kissapöllö”.

Marimekko amenity kit

When travelling in Finnair Business Class on our intercontinental routes, you’ll enjoy the amenity kits exclusively designed by Marimekko for Finnair. The ‘Travel Kit’ series comes in eight beautiful collectable Marimekko print designs, features L:a Bruket cosmetics and integrates sustainable solutions. The pouch is designed to live beyond your journey with Finnair and to be used for countless times after your flight. Read more about the redesigned amenity kit.

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Cooperation in action

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