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The gateway between Japan and Asia

Situated on the northern shore of Kyushu Island, Fukuoka has been a key point of exchange between Japan and mainland Asia. Originally two separate towns – Fukuoka and the port city of Hakata – the city has developed a lively and diverse urban culture and has something to offer for all travellers, from art and architecture to music, food and great shopping. Fukuoka has in fact been ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world.

Historical sights such as the ruins of the Fukuoka Castle offer glimpses into the city’s past, and the large parks are a nice place to relax and enjoy a breather in the midst of the city buzz. Some of the top hotspots for shopping and culture are the areas around Tenjin and Hakata stations, from where it’s easy to continue exploring other parts of the city either on foot or by subway.

Some say Fukuoka offers the best food in Japan. Among many delicious local dishes, you can find tonkotsu ramen at yatai food stalls around the city – or if you’re feeling adventurous try fugu, the puffer fish the region is known for.

Airport information

Fukuoka Airport

The airport is located about 7 kilometres from the city centre of Fukuoka.

  • Finnair flights: International terminal, D counter. Check-in kiosks are located near counters D, F and G.
  • Check-in opens 3 hours before departure
  • Check-in closes 1 hour before departure

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