Baggage on Finnair flights

Find out more about our baggage allowances, travelling with pets or sports equipment and more on this page.

Please note that these regulations apply to flights operated by Finnair – if your journey includes flights operated by other airlines, IATA standards define which airline’s baggage regulations apply to each flight.

Checked baggage

With most Finnair tickets you’re entitled to at least one piece of baggage free of charge.

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Carry-on baggage

To make your flight as smooth as possible for you and other passengers, it’s a good idea to only pack the most necessary items in your carry-on bag. Also remember to leave out all dangerous goods!

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Extra bags

If you wish to take more bags than what is included in your checked baggage allowance, an extra bag charge will be collected. When you pay the fee online, it’ll cost you less than at the airport. Extra bags can be purchased up until 3 hours before departure.

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Special baggage

You can transport musical instruments, sports equipment and other special baggage on Finnair flights either as a part of your regular baggage allowance or for an extra charge depending on its size. For some items, an extra charge always applies.

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Tips for packing

We have collected a few essential packing tips for you to make your travel preparations go even smoother.

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Restricted items

For safety and security reasons, certain items are not allowed on board as carry-on baggage. Certain items are also not permitted on board the aircraft even as check baggage.

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Lost, delayed or damaged baggage

Even with the best of care, sometimes baggage gets delayed, damaged or lost. In these cases, please contact us immediately and we’ll do our best to remedy the situation.

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