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Can I change my paid seat?

Yes, if there is availability and if you bought the seat on or after 26 June 2024, you can easily change your purchased seat free of charge to the same or lower seat category in Manage booking.

For example, if you have purchased an Extra Legroom seat, you can change it to another Extra Legroom seat or a lower-priced seat free of charge. Please note that if you change it to a lower-priced seat, the price difference will not be refunded.

You can check available seats on the seat map in Manage booking and make as many changes as you want until you check in for your flight.​

At the moment, we are testing this new feature first in Manage booking and will soon develop it for the Finnair app, as well as for online and mobile check-in.

If you experience any problems with changing seats yourself, you can reach out to our customer service for assistance. 

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