Finnair Plus Mastercard – earn points on all your purchases | Finnair Finland

Finnair Plus Mastercard benefits

  • Earn at least one Finnair Plus award point for every euro you spend
  • Get 1,500 extra award points with your first purchase
  • E-invoice
  • Manage your card easily with the Spendwise app

Mastercard is the most accepted credit card worldwide. You can use it to pay securely at all locations displaying the Mastercard logo, in Finland and abroad. With the Mastercard Identity Check, you get peace of mind when making an online payment. You can also choose your preferred PIN code for the card.

Point accumulation for every euro spent

Finnair Plus Basic: 1 point per euro

Finnair Plus Silver: 1 point per euro

Finnair Plus Gold: 1.5 points per euro

Finnair Plus Platinum: 2 points per euro

Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo: 2 points per euro

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The credit limit for Finnair Plus Mastercard card is €1,000–8,000. The interest rate for the credit is 3-month Euribor + 9%. The effective interest rate, based on a credit amount of € 1,500 is 16.21%. The 3-month Euribor rate (06/2019) has been used for this calculation and the annual fee of €50 has been taken into account. The total amount due when using the credit amount of €1,500 to the maximum during a year as well as when the interest rate, payments and fees stay the same, is €1,620.53. The agreement is valid for a year at a time unless it is terminated. Additional product-specific credit information can be found in Finnish or Finnish Swedish on the page for Prices & Terms and Conditions.

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