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Culinary adventures above the clouds – Our new onboard snacks and meals you'll love

We will update our buy-on-board selection of snacks and beverages starting from 22.5.2024. At the same time, complimentary food and beverage service on our European and long-haul flights will be replaced by a summer food and drink menu. 

Travel snacks from the on-board sales selection or as a pre-order

As the summer approaches, we will update our selection of snacks and beverages available for in-flight purchase, including Finnair instant hot meals vegetable Bolognese pasta, vegetable korma curry noodles and berry oatmeal. The snack selection is complemented with cashew nuts and a returning blueberry muffin. We’ll also update the candy selection, in which you will get to taste some Finnish favourites: liquorice, salty liquorice and fruit candy. A new option in the beverage selection is summery rosé wine.

When you buy any drink from the buy-on-board selection, we will offer you a one-euro discount on any snack product. You can see the whole buy-on-board selection on our website.

On all our flights – except the short flight to Tallinn – we offer blueberry juice or water free of charge. Coffee, tea, other beverages, and snacks can be purchased during the in-flight service. As a welcomed novelty, coffee drinkers will be offered an oat drink option in addition to regular coffee milk.

As we move into the summer season, we have also updated our selection of pre-order meals. Depending on the route, you can pre-order a fresh sandwich or a tasty hot meal. Hot meal options include, for example, grilled chicken fillet with carrot spaghetti, carrot puree, and pea pesto, as well as stewed beef with fried potatoes, onions, green beans, and liquorice sauce. See all the different options on our pre-order meals page

The summer menu offers Nordic flavours

The menus on Finnair flights change two to three times a year, and the meals served on the flights vary depending on the departure station, for example. In our in-flight service, we will switch to summer menus from 22 May, and the summer menu will be available on our flights until 29 October.

“Our summer menu is inspired by Nordic summer flavours. In long-haul Business Class, the main meal starters on the summer menu include salmon sashimi, shrimp tartalet, and summer vegetables. For the main course, we serve slow-cooked beef in a dough crust with mushroom duxelle, root puree, roasted vegetables, and red wine sauce, or as a fish option, panko-coated rainbow trout, sauteed leek and roasted vegetables with horseradish and mustard,” tells Sami Oksava, Development Chef at Finnair. There is always a third, route-specific option.

For long-haul flights, you can select the main course in Business Class  – and for flights departing from Helsinki also in Premium Economy class – in advance in Manage booking service. This way you can secure your preferred option.

In Premium Economy Class on our long-haul flights, you can enjoy two meals: a high-quality main meal and a lighter second meal or snack. In addition to meals, you can enjoy a free of charge selection of hot and cold refreshments and alcoholic beverages (excluding sparkling wine) throughout the flight.

On our long-haul flights in Economy class, we serve a tasty hot meal with non-alcoholic beverages and one complimentary glass of wine or a mild alcoholic beverage (excluding sparkling wine). On our longer flights, we will also serve you a light meal or snack with non-alcoholic drinks just before landing.

“We emphasise modern Nordic taste in all Finnair meals. On our medium-long and long European routes in Business Class, we offer cosy Nordic flavours, such as our new cinnamon and blueberry buns. Business Class meals on our European routes also include more Nordic flavours, like rhubarb compote, nettle pesto and lingonberries. Finnish summer classic smoked vendace with dill mayonnaise is also available,” Oksava says.

Please note that if you have special dietary requirements, you can pre-select your special diet option at least 24 hours before your flight via Manage booking or in your Finnair Plus profile if you are a Finnair Plus member.

Meals are planned taking into account the specifics of the flight

When planning on-board meals, we take into account route destinations, travel lengths, flight schedules, and, for example, the typical customer base of the routes. On our long-haul flights from Helsinki to Singapore, Nagoya, Hong Kong and Shanghai, our in-flight service concept has been renewed to better take into account the late departure time of the flight.

On these routes, we first offer a light meal in Business Class and a delicious brunch before the flight lands. Business Class brunch consists of breakfast-style starters and dessert selection, as well as a main course to choose from three different options. We also offer brunch-style, lighter meals on these routes before landing in Premium Economy and Economy classes.

Our cabin crew will be happy to tell you more about the in-flight service, and you can also find out more information about it on our Nordic Kitchen page. In our travel updates, you can read more about the service on Iberia flights to Madrid and Barcelona and about Widerøe flights to Bergen, Tromsø, and Trondheim.

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