Intercontinental flights – Business Class

As a Business Class passenger on one of our intercontinental flights, you’ll receive two high quality meals during your journey. Your main meal will comprise an appetizer or soup, main course (three alternatives), cheese and dessert. You can also choose from a wide selection of breads, and you’ll find that our carefully selected beverages and award-winning wines complement the menu perfectly. Throughout your flight, we’ll also serve coffee, as well as an extensive range of teas.

If you wish, you can also order an express meal service, either when booking your tickets or by requesting it from the crew at the beginning of your flight. Our speedy meals comprise an appetizer, soup, cheese platter, and coffee or tea.

We also serve a variety of snacks and sweets during the flight. The Business Class sections on many of our Airbus A340-300 and A330-300 aircraft contain a separate snack bar, located near the main entrance – here, you can help yourself to light snacks and drinks.

Main course alternatives

The three main courses on our long-haul flights change regularly. Our chefs couple the crisp, fresh tastes of Finnish nature with Mediterranean culinary traditions. Our main courses include succulent options for meat lovers, fish cooked to perfection and tasty vegetarian dinners.

You can choose your favourite main meal option in advance conveniently online. Please note that orders must be placed latest 24 hours before your departure.

Pre-order your meal

Meals designed for you

Business Class passengers on long-haul flights departing from Helsinki have the option of pre-ordering one of our three ‘Meals designed for you’ options. The options are Wellness and Energy, Food Lover’s Treat, and Chef’s Gourmet.

Wellness and Energy

The healthy Wellness and Energy options are made with fresh, natural ingredients. This healthy, tasty option often incorporates Asian flavours and ingredients.

Current menu: grilled chilli marinated prawns with cashew nuts, jasmine rice and fresh vegetables.

Food Lover's Treat

If you’d like to sample bratwurst or hearty stews, then Food Lover’s Treat is for you. This option is satisfying and full of flavour – a true treat.

Current menu: herb seasoned bratwurst sausages, roasted potatoes and onions with fresh tomatoes.

Chef's Gourmet

Chef’s Gourmet meals will satisfy even the most discerning of foodies. With this option, you can enjoy carefully crafted meals, centred on such delicacies as succulent reindeer tenderloin.

Current menu: roasted fillet of reindeer with ale-cranberry sauce, potato gratin and grilled vegetables.

Please note that orders must be placed latest 24 hours before departure.

Pre-order your meal

Award-winning meals

The food on our intercontinental flights has won many prestigious awards. The menu is complemented with carefully chosen wines and a quality selection of drinks.

Nordic cuisine

Nordic cuisine emphasises fresh, crisp tastes and local produce. We’ve taken this as our inspiration and use berries from the Finnish forests, wild mushrooms, game and fresh water fish as the focal point of our meals.

Mediterranean cuisine

In any self-respecting Mediterranean kitchen, you’ll find plenty of olive oil, different local cheeses, wine, pasta and colourful fresh ingredients. Our Mediterranean style meals combine rustic tastes with healthy ingredients and a dash of originality.

Special food code element

Select a special meal code from the list to view its description.

Does not contain foods or beverages that cause gastric discomfort, such as highly seasoned foods, black pepper, chilli powder, cabbage, cauliflower or fried foods. Not available on Finnair charter flights (AY1000 series).

Increased complex carbohydrates, high fibre, low fat, no sugar added. Does not contain fried foods.

Contains naturally gluten-free ingredients and wheat starch.

Increased complex carbohydrates, high fibre, low fat. Does not contain fried foods; added fats, oils and sugar; gravies; sauces; or rich desserts. Not available on Finnair charter flights (AY1000 series).

Increased complex carbohydrates, high fibre, fats high in unsaturated fatty acids, low dietary cholesterol, low in saturated fatty acids. Does not contain fried foods, sauces high in fat, egg yolks, offal, shellfish, fish roe and caviar, added fats and oils, alcohol-refined sugars, processed meals, or cheeses. Not available on Finnair charter flights (AY1000 series).

No salt or salty foods added. Does not contain salt substitutes; stocks; bouillon cubes; commercial soups and sauce mixes; salted, smoked, cured or packaged foods; items in brine; processed cheeses; olives; anchovies; bakery products that include self-rising flour or baking soda; most condiments; gravies; sauces and dressings; garlic-; onion-; celery salts; or breads. Not available on Finnair charter flights (AY1000 series).

Not suitable for passengers allergic to cow’s milk. Does not contain dairy products, such as milk, yoghurt, cheeses, ice creams, sherbet, puddings, prepared mixes, creamed or breaded vegetables, bread prepared with dairy products, omelettes, crepes, scrambled eggs with milk, cream, butter, creamed or breaded meat, fish, eggs, commercial soups, chocolate, toffee, butterscotch, caramels, or sugar substitutes.

Foods prepared according to Hindu customs and respecting Hindu dietary practices and beliefs. Does not contain beef, veal, pork, or raw or smoked fish. Not suitable for vegetarians.

Spicy vegetarian combinations with limited use of dairy products. Does not contain eggs, meat and meat products, fish, fowl, or products containing lard and gelatine. Not available on Finnair charter flights (AY1000 series).

Foods chosen, prepared and served in accordance with Jewish dietary laws and customs.

Foods chosen, prepared and served in accordance with Moslem dietary laws and customs. Does not contain pork or pig by-products, gelatine, alcohol, flavouring extracts containing alcohol, or non-white fish meat from species without scales or fins.

Soft and easy-to-chew meals. Easily identifiable foods. Healthy choices. Available in Business Class and Economy Class on intercontinental flights.

Fresh seasonal fruit. Available in Business Class.

A combination of raw fruit and vegetables. Does not contain highly processed foods, additives or preservatives. Available in Business Class.

Fish or seafood prepared to local specifications. Available in Business Class.

Does not contain products from animal sources, meat, meat products, fish, fowl, products containing lard, products containing gelatine, dairy products, eggs, or honey.

Does not contain meat, meat products, fish, fowl, products containing lard or products containing gelatine. Not available on Finnair charter flights (AY1000 series).

A special meal created to meet a passenger’s preferences or medical requirements. Order must include specific details of ingredients to be included or avoided. Available in Business Class.


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