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With this easy-to-use interactive travel documents map, you can conveniently plan and prepare for your next trip.

Search for active Finnair destinations on the map and check the details about the needed travel documents, such as passport and visa requirements. You can also see the health information for each country.

  • Start by filling in your origin, nationality, residency and, if needed, also your COVID-19 vaccination status.
    • If you would like to check all the countries at once, you can choose "Everywhere" in the destination field.
  • You can search for the origin and destination by country or city. Please note that the origin and destination cannot be in the same country.
  • In the country-specific travel info, you can see both Travel documents and Health information. Use the plus icons to open the sections.
    • You may need to fill in a few additional fields inside the sections to get the information that applies to your specific case.
  • If you have a connecting flight, you can check the requirements for each point of your trip under Connecting Flights.

Please note that travel requirements are subject to change on short notice. As a traveller, you are always responsible for ensuring that you fulfil the requirements of your destination and possible transit country. We recommend you also check your destination country's government or embassy website before you travel. For more flight and travel information, please proceed to the Travel updates page. Our customer service is unable to answer questions about travel restrictions.


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