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Manage booking

Manage booking offers numerous features that help you make sure your trip is as smooth and comfortable as possible. Enter your family name and booking reference to log in to Manage booking and start tailoring your flight online at your own convenience!

Here is what you can do in Manage booking:

We are renewing our Manage booking to offer you a better online experience. In the meantime, some services will be under development and available through the Finnair app or other Finnair channels. Please retrieve your booking by family name and booking reference to see how to access those services.

How you will benefit from Manage booking:

  • View and check your flight details whenever and wherever you need up until the flight departure 
  • Manage most of your travel needs online without the need to contact customer service
  • See the travel information and important notifications relevant to your booking
  • Reduce time and money spent at the airport by adding travel extras before your trip 
  • Plan and prepare for your flight easily

Travel extras in Manage booking

To complement your trip, you can:

  • Pre-select a seat
  • Purchase extra baggage
  • Pre-order a meal
  • Add internet access
  • Book lounge access

Log in to Manage booking to book travel extras available for your flight. 

Already a member?

If you are already a Finnair Plus member or a member of any of our oneworld partner airlines’ frequent flyer programs, make sure you have added your membership number to your booking to earn your points. Log in to the Manage booking now to add your membership number to your booking.