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Travelling while pregnant

If you are pregnant, you can travel on Finnair flights with no restrictions until the 28th week of pregnancy.

After that, you will need a doctor’s certificate to ensure it’s safe for you to fly. It is still then possible to fly with certain limitations until the end of the 38th week of pregnancy. 

When and how to provide a doctor’s certificate? 

If you are travelling during or after your 28th week of pregnancy, you must fill in the special assistance form and provide us with a doctor's certificate as proof that your pregnancy is progressing normally. In Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the certificate can also be signed by a midwife.

Please fill in the form and send us the certificate at least 72 hours prior to your flight departure. 

You should obtain your certificate during or after the 27th week. You only need to provide us with one certificate, unless there are changes in your pregnancy’s progress. 

Please note that we cannot accept you onboard without the approval described above.

Download the certificateFill in the special assistance form

Flying after 36th week of pregnancy 

After the 36th week of pregnancy until the 38th week (37 weeks + 6 days), you can travel on Finnair flights when the flight duration is maximum of two hours

Longer than two-hour flights are allowed until the 36th week (35 weeks + 6 days). 

Tips for safe and comfortable flying 

  • Always wear a safety belt: it’s safe and it protects you and your unborn baby from any sudden movements of the aircraft. 
  • Buckle the belt below your belly, low on your hipbones. 
  • Book an aisle seat if possible – this way it's easier to get up and stretch your legs while seated. 

Flying with a newborn baby 

You may travel with a healthy newborn on all Finnair flights as long as the baby is at least two days old. 

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