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What are Finnair Plus points?

We will introduce changes to the Finnair Plus program in early 2024.

When you join Finnair Plus, you’ll start earning two types of Finnair Plus points from flights and other services. But what are those points and how can you make the most of them? Here’s how it works.

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Two different types of points

There are two types of points: award points and tier points. Whenever you fly with Finnair or any of our oneworld partners, you earn both award points and tier points.

In addition to flights, you can earn award points from many other services provided by our Finnair Plus partners. The more Finnair Plus award points you earn, the more awards and benefits you have access to. For example, you can use your award points to upgrade your travel class, pay for hotel nights or car rentals or purchase award vouchers for restaurants, just to name a few.

Tier points, on the other hand, accumulate only from flights. They help you gain and maintain a higher Finnair Plus tier, which, in turn, means even more valuable benefits for you.

Award points

  • Earn from flights and other services.
  • Use on different kinds of benefits.
  • Will not expire if you stay active.

Tier points

  • Earn from Finnair and oneworld flights.
  • Will help you gain or maintain Finnair Plus tier.
  • Valid for a one-year tracking period.
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