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Sit back and relax – and read about our most popular seats onboard

From exit row to extra legroom, we all have our own favourite seats in the aircraft. Here are the most popular seats on Finnair flights – and a couple of tips on how to ensure you'll get your favourite seat on board.

Seating is a topic we are asked often about. If you are not sure about how seats are assigned and how to book your favourite seat, you can check our Q&A

Standard seat

A standard seat is your best pick if location is key for you. You can, for example, purchase a seat next to your travel companion or choose to sit in a part of the cabin that fits you best. You can find a Standard seat in all our travel classes: Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class. 

Preferred seat

Preferred seat, also favoured by our customers, is available for you in all our cabins on long-haul flights as well as on some of our European flights. A Preferred seat comes with some extra perks in each of the cabins. In Economy Class, it means that you are sitting on the first nine rows and exiting among the first. It also gives you the option to sit next to your travel companion.

In Premium Economy, a Preferred seat gives you a whopping 67 centimetres of extra legroom and at least 13” screen for in-flight entertainment. In Business Class, a Preferred seat ensures you have direct access to both the window and the aisle so that you can relax in perfect peace. 

Extra Legroom seat

A popular option is also the Extra Legroom seat, which is the top choice for anyone wanting to stretch their legs properly during the flight. On long-haul flights, choosing the Extra Legroom seat means that there is no one sitting directly in front of you, and you can enjoy up to 130 centimetres of extra space.

On our short-haul routes, you get from 10 to 60 centimetres of extra space depending on the flight. With all that room, you are sure to be sitting comfortably.  

So, what is this new Premium seat? 

On some of our European flights, you can sit comfortably on a Premium seat. You’ll find it in cabins on our modified wide-body aircraft. Our new Premium Economy travel class is available on long-haul flights only, and if your flight within Europe is operated with a wide-body aircraft instead of Premium Economy travel class you can choose a Premium seat.

Premium seats are situated in their own peaceful section within Economy Class, and the seat itself is the same that is used in Premium Economy travel class. The seats are available on certain European flights, on some of our London and Amsterdam flights, for example. You can see the availability of this seat when you are booking your flight.

Check more about our seat options on seats pages and purchase your favourite seat on Manage booking or via Finnair app. The earlier you book, the better you ensure your favourite seat for your next flight.

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