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Baggage on Finnair flights

All passengers may take into the cabin at least a small personal item, such as a small handbag or a laptop bag.

With most Finnair tickets you can also bring with you at least one piece of carry-on baggage and one piece of checked baggage free of charge.

Checked baggage

See how many bags are included in your ticket and what our size limits are for checked bags.

Carry-on baggage

Check how many bags you can bring into the cabin, and what the size and weight limits are for your ticket type.

Special baggage

Find everything you need to know about travelling with sports equipment, musical instruments and other special baggage on Finnair flights.

Extra baggage fees

If you wish to take more bags than what is included in your ticket, an extra bag charge will be collected. When you pay the fee online, it’ll cost you less than at the airport.

Restricted items

For safety and security reasons, travelling with some items is restricted.

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