As a Finnair Plus member you can earn both tier points and award points.

With tier points you can move up from one Finnair Plus tier to another. You’ll earn tier points from scheduled flights with Finnair and other oneworld airlines.

Award points can be used for different kinds of rewards and benefits, and you can earn them from Finnair and oneworld flights and also from services provided by our Finnair Plus partners.

As a Finnair Plus member you can take advantage of personalised and flexible services as well as many valuable offers and benefits. What’s more, you can also enjoy other oneworld airlines’ benefits.

Finnair Plus membership tiers

Find out more about the Finnair Plus tiers and the various benefits available to members.

Move to a higher tier

Membership tier Tier points Tier flights
Basic - or -
Silver 30,000 points or 20 scheduled flights*
Gold 80,000 points or 46 scheduled flights*
Platinum 150,000 points or 76 scheduled flights*
Platinum Lumo 450,000 points
(of which at least 350,000 earned from Finnair flights)
or 150 scheduled flights*
(of which at least 100 flown with Finnair)

*Finnair and other oneworld flights.

Benefits for life with Finnair Plus

Finnair Plus is a rewarding companion for everyone. You can start already as a child by joining our Finnair Plus Junior program, and keep enjoying great benefits throughout your life.

Every tier point you earn will also move you closer to a Finnair Plus Lifetime membership, which can never be downgraded.
Finnair Plus Junior Finnair Plus Lifetime

Earning and using points is easy

As a Finnair Plus member you can earn points every time you take Finnair or oneworld flights, and when you buy products and services from our extensive network of partners.

There are many ways to spend your award points. For example, you can use them to buy Finnair and oneworld award flights, or to purchase products and services from our partners.
How to earn points How to use points

Lounge services for Finnair Plus members

As a Finnair Plus member, you can use your points to purchase lounge access in advance. There are also additional benefits for tier members.
Learn more about lounges
Check the Finnair Plus rules See the terms and conditions
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