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3 ways for more flexible travels

Many of us like having flexibility with travel plans. Valtteri Helve, Head of Finnair product offering, shares his tips for added flexibility when travelling with Finnair.

1. Choose a ticket type for your needs

The first step to ensure flexibility for travel plan changes is to choose a ticket type for your needs.

“Our Flex ticket is the most flexible one as it is fully refundable in case you need to cancel your trip – and it also allows travel date changes. Also, our Classic ticket is perfect for more flexible travels with an option to change the travel dates,” tells Valtteri Helve.

If you need to cancel your booking or wish to change your travel dates, you can make the changes in our digital self-service tool Manage booking.

2. Cover for sudden sickness

Are you worried about getting sick messing up your travel plans? Finnair Cancellation Cover brings extra flexibility for Light and Classic ticket holders travelling in Economy or Premium Economy Class, as it allows you to cancel your flight and apply for a refund in case you cannot travel due to sudden sickness or accident to you or a close family member.

3. Check your travel insurance

“We strongly recommend travel insurance for all your travels. It gives you not only cover but also peace of mind for sudden changes,” Valtteri Helve tips.

It’s good to have travel insurance, in case getting sick, for example. Travel insurance needs to be valid before your trip. Remember always to check what your travel insurance actually covers, as there are differences between insurances and their content.

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