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Can I carry a medical device on board?

Normally breathing devices such as personal oxygen concentrators (POC) and apnea breathing devices (CPAP) are permitted on board, but airline approval is always required. CPAP machine needs to fit on the carry-on baggage allowance.

Most CPAP machines require a medical inverter to be installed to function properly onboard. All aircraft types do not have an inverter facility, but we can check the availability approx. 72 hours before departure. The inverter can be requested for long-haul flights with no additional charge for the passenger.

Power supply onboard cannot be guaranteed, so you must be able to get by even without your breathing device if required. For battery-operated devices, please carry a sufficient back-up battery supply to cover a minimum of 150% of the planned flight (including transiting time).

For the use of medical devices during your flight, please inform us well in advance by filling out this form latest 48 hours before departure.

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