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Lost, delayed or damaged baggage

We are sorry that your baggage didn’t arrive on the same flight with you or got broken during the flight. Please see below your next steps, if your baggage was delayed or damaged.

We do our best to deliver your baggage to you as soon as possible. Your next step is to create a delay report on your baggage either online or with our ground crew at the airport. You can then continue your journey, and we will contact you personally to organize the delivery of your baggage, as soon as it has arrived.

Did you receive a message about your delayed baggage?

We do our best to send you an SMS or email about your delayed baggage with further instructions. If you received the message, please follow the given instructions to finalize the delay report on your baggage. Depending on your destination, we guide you to do it either online or with our ground crew at the airport.

Your options to create a delay report

If you didn’t get our further instructions via SMS or email, your options to create a delay report on your baggage depend on at which airport you are.

You can create the report online, or if you prefer our personnel to create it for you, please contact our ground crew at the Arrival Service desk.

Please note that at some airports delivering your bag may require customs clearance. You can ask for more details at the Arrival Service desk.

What information do I need to make a report?

You will need the following information to finalize a delay report:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Your flight information
  • Your baggage receipt number
  • Description of your delayed bag (brand, size, color)

Can I track my bag?

After creating the delay report, you receive a property irregularity report (PIR) with a report number. With this number you are able to follow the status of your bag via worldwide WorldTracer service.

If you have questions regarding your delayed baggage, the local arrival service helps you. You’ll find their contact information in the delayed baggage report.

In case your baggage has not been found within 72 hours, please provide us with more information through this form.


In case your baggage was delayed, you can apply for compensation from your insurance company or from us. We compensate reasonable costs of necessary items you purchase during your trip. Please send your request to us through this feedback form. We ask you to do it within 21 days of receiving your baggage. Please keep all the documents as long as your request is fully resolved.

When you notice the damage of your baggage already at the airport, please see our agent at the airport Arrival Service desk to create a damage report. In case you notice the damage later on, please send us written notification by email to baggage.recovery@finnair.com no later than seven days after receiving the baggage.

For the damage report, we need your name, home address, email address, phone number, the baggage receipt number, the date and number of your flight as well as a description of the damaged baggage (colour, brand, other details) and what kind of damage has happened. A picture of the damaged baggage will help us to identify the damage.

We will contact you primarily by phone after you have reported the damage and provide you with a damage report number and further instructions.

You can then request compensation from your insurance company or from us. To send your request to us, you can use this feedback form. Please keep all the documents and the damaged baggage as long as your request is fully resolved.

It is good to know that baggage is handled mechanically during air travel, and normal wear that doesn’t affect the bag’s usability doesn’t give grounds for compensation.

Did you forget your belongings in the aircraft or at Helsinki Airport? We take all lost and found carry-on baggage items to Lost & Found International. You can enquire your belongings directly from them. Check their contact information online. Please note that it can take several days or sometimes even weeks that found items are delivered to Lost & Found International. We thank you for your patience.

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