Conditions of carriage and notices

General conditions of carriage
Airline passenger commitment
Limits of liability
Notice on passenger rights EU 261/2004
Tarmac delay plan
Customer service plan
Law concerning linked travel arrangement traders 921/2017
Japan Airlines' conditions of carriage (Korea)


The General Conditions of Carriage provide information on certain conditions that govern transportation on Finnair, e.g. check-in time limits, baggage acceptance, allowance and liability, accompanied minors, carriage of animals, refusal to accept and denied boarding compensation.

Finnair is required by law to publish its conditions of carriage on this website and to make its tariffs available for public inspection.

An air carrier's tariff is a document that contains its published fares, charges and related terms and conditions of carriage applicable to air services.

You may consult our tariff filed, where required, with the appropriate authorities, by clicking on the link below.

Canada General conditions of carriage and tariffs (PDF)

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