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Fly to wonderful destinations worldwide with Finnair and our partner airlines. It has been 100 years since our journey began in 1923, and nothing would make us happier than starting new travels with you to mark the centenary!

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Flights to Europe

Endless reasons to visit

Treat yourself to a city break, nature retreat or both in Europe and soak in diverse landscapes, captivating history, arts and culinary delights.

Flights to the Middle East

A fascinating blend of old and new

Head to Middle Eastern cities where tradition meets modernity and excitement meets relaxation. Explore flavourful dishes and soak up the sun on stunning beaches.

Flights to America

Unforgettable adventures await

From glittering skylines and iconic landmarks to intriguing history and diverse nature, destinations in the USA, Canada and Mexico have it all for a holiday you'll be telling stories about.

Flights to Asia and Australia

Let gems of Asia-Pacific inspire you

Big cities' bustling energy, paradise beaches and mouthwatering cuisine – satisfy all your senses in Asian and Pacific cities.

Flights to Africa

Time for a dazzling holiday

From lush nature and breathtaking landscapes to colourful culture, history and food scene, these South African cities will win your heart.

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