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Photo tour: Step inside Finnair’s new Premium Economy cabin

Sitting comfortably in a cabin of its own between Business and Economy Class, our new Premium Economy cabin has cutting edge Nordic design at its heart.

In Premium Economy, the seats offer 40% more space than in Economy Class, affording extra room to relax and enjoy the best that Finnair has to offer on a long haul trip to Asia or the United States. With a comfortable seat recline, a leg rest that supports the entire leg and memory foam cushions to ensure maximum comfort, it’s the perfect way to travel if you’re upgrading ahead of a vacation or a business traveller looking to reconnect with clients.

“Most Premium Economy cabins have a seat that’s a copy paste that works for a variety of different aircraft platforms,” explains David Kondo, Senior Manager, Customer Experience and Design Strategy, Finnair. “Because we're the launch partner of this new variant, we really optimised every dimension of it to get the right sort of proportions based on the cabin for our aircraft.” The seat, designed by Haeco, will eventually be found across Finnair’s entire Airbus A330 and Airbus A350 long haul fleet.

The seat also features two stowage pockets on the back of the seat; a smaller pocket for small personal items complete with USB port for charging devices, and a larger pocket that carries a laptop – both of which are certified for taxi, take-off and landing.

Design and food for discerning travellers

During the detailed redesign process, which began over four years ago, ensuring premium Nordic design throughout the entire cabin has been key for Finnair. 

“We wanted a warmer, residential take on the design of our new cabins,” explains Kondo. “We achieved this by introducing more texture and tactility, natural materials and softened the form of everything. Typically, you see a lot of angles and hard corners on aircraft but we softened everything. We also made all of the form as clean and minimal as possible, removing anything unnecessary, with clear emphasis on function, which is very much in line with Nordic design principles.”

You will also find Marimekko textiles and Iittala chinaware, designed by Harri Koskinen in Premium Economy as well as in the all new Business Class cabin

Sustainability played a huge role here too, with Iittala minimising the number of items they placed on tray tables in order to keep weight down to improve fuel efficiency. Marimekko’s Premium Economy woven blanket, meanwhile, is made from 100% recycled polyester.

You can enjoy two meal services with beverages onboard. First an elevated 3-course meal served on Iittala "Kuulas" chinaware, also used in Business Class, and a simple light meal before landing.

“Premium Economy is something brand new for Finnair, our intention has been to build a service that is attractive both for leisure and business travellers,” says Eerika Enne, Head of Inflight Customer Experience, Finnair.

This is echoed by David Kondo: “Some of our customers were looking for that bit extra, so we’ve really targeted Premium Economy at both leisure customers as well as corporate business travellers.”

All new in-flight entertainment

A new, larger, 13-inch in-flight entertainment (IFE) system in Premium Economy, featuring the latest TV shows and movies, offers the ideal way to make a trip fly by. 

“One of the biggest changes we made is around the user interface of the IFE,” explains Kondo. “Our current IFE system is bright. A lot of the screens were white, like the Finnair brand, and in a nighttime environment having a white screen staring at you is maybe not the nicest thing.”

He says that a new, darker look will be calming and more in keeping with the clean, Nordic aesthetic found in Premium Economy and throughout the entire new cabin.

For those who have work to do or devices packed with downloads, there’s personal stowage for a smartphone and a dedicated space for a laptop or tablet, meaning you don’t need to leave anything stashed away in your carry-on baggage during taxi, take off or landing.

“This new aircraft heralds a new era for Finnair. It's a new look and feel,” adds Kondo.

Finnair’s new Premium Economy cabin is designed to offer a luxury experience that’s accessible for all. And with more and more Finnair routes opening up to Asia and North America, now’s the time to book a seat. Finnair’s new Premium Economy cabin will be rolling out across the entire long haul fleet throughout 2022 and 2023.

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