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Cabin crew tips: The art of packing

When it comes to packing light and tight, flight attendants do know best. Cabin crew member Elina Poutanen has a set routine and shares her four tips for fitting it all into a carry-on.

Even the most seasoned traveller stresses about what to pack in a carry-on bag. Cabin crew member Elina Poutanen shares four tried and true packing hacks for any trip.

1. Make a list

“I always start packing by checking the weather forecast. This way I have the right clothes and don’t pack any unnecessary items. I also like to think about my plans in advance. If I know I’ll have time for exercise, then I take my running shoes. The idea is not to pack stuff just in case. When you’re in a hurry you tend to pack this and that so allow time for packing. I love packing lists. They are my way of understanding how everything can fit into the bag.”

2. Keep it simple

“What are the essentials when packing for a trip to a warm climate: a dress that is not too fancy but not too casual, a big scarf that can be worn as a beach cover-up during the day and in the evening when it gets chilly, comfortable shoes that go from day to night. Clothes with multiple purpose are the best because you can wear them many times and for many occasions. This is how I keep the number of items to a minimum. If something gets dirty, you can usually find laundry facilities.”

3. Downsize

“Cosmetics and toiletries are often the biggest pain as they take up space and weigh more than you think. I’ve invested in reusable, travel-sized bottles for cosmetics. And I try to choose products that do double-duty such as the same lotion for face and body. I find that bar soap and bar shampoo are travel-ready alternatives to their liquid counterparts.”

4. Organised fits more

“Packing a carry-on bag is an art form. The more organised things are, the better everything fits into the bag. Packing cubes are really handy. I roll my clothes and place them side-by-side into a packing cube. Clothes seems to take the least amount of space plus they stay clean and wrinkle-free. Smaller items like underwear can be rolled and placed inside shoes. Dirty clothes can go into a separate laundry bag. In addition to my carry-on, I bring a small cross-body purse. Last but not least, I save copies of travel documents in my email and a copy of my passport on my phone.”

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