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Business Class menus on long-haul flights

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You can enjoy two meal services on a long-haul flight: a delicious main meal designed by our chefs and a light meal or, on the shortest routes, a snack as the second service. Depending on the flight schedule, the main meal is either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Dinner comes with two starters, a main course with three options, cheese, and dessert.

Our food philosophy emphasises fresh, crisp flavours and local produce to pamper your palate with the finest Nordic delicacies. When designing the new menus, we have kept the flight destination and flight time in mind. All our Business Class menus are served with matching beverages and award-winning wines. The beautiful chinaware designed by Harri Koskinen and Iittala will also elevate your dining experience above the clouds.

Menus per route

Please find the Business Class menus for long-haul flights from Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen below. Some changes may occur. For flights departing later, please check the menus closer to your flight date.

Menus for flights to Helsinki are currently not available due to frequent changes. Our cabin crew will be happy to share the menus with you on board. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Flights from Helsinki (until 26 September 2023)

Destination city and flight numberFlight menu
Bangkok (AY141/AY145)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Delhi (AY121)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Hong Kong (AY99)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Mumbai (AY125)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Osaka (AY67)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Seoul (AY41)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Shanghai (AY87)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Singapore (AY131)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Tokyo Haneda (AY61)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Tokyo Narita (AY73)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Middle East
Doha (AY1981)Menu & beverages (PDF)
United States
Chicago (AY9)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Dallas (AY19)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Los Angeles (AY1)Menu & beverages (PDF)
New York (AY15)Menu & beverages (PDF)
Seattle (AY33)Menu & beverages (PDF)

We reserve the right to any changes.

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